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Release Date: 1996

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Main Title 2:18
2. Field Demonstration 1:00
3. Too Much Power 1:07
4. Railyard Chase 3:58
5. Sparky in the Hospital 1:06
6. First Bank Robbery 3:55
7. Taking Sparky Home 1:40
8. The Birth of Steel 0:55
9. Couple Gets Mugged 2:35
10. Gang Fight / Magnetic Personality 5:48
11. Manhole & Radio Jam 1:44
12. Motor Cycle Chase 3:55
13. Attack on Federal Reserve 2:08
14. Steel Attacks 1:31
15. Rescue and Escape - Part 1 1:23
16. Rescue and Escape - Part 2 1:47
17. Newscast to Hoods 0:54
18. The Line-Up 0:48
19. Steel Caught 0:58
20. Bad Guy Convention 2:52
21. The Red Switch 1:13
22. The Battle Heats Up 4:57
23. "Stand Up (Steel Yourself)" 3:11
  Total Album Time: 51:43

Review: Steel

by James Barry May 10, 2003
1 / 5 Stars

After the amazing box office returns of Kazaam, I suppose it just made perfect sense to craft another film for Shaq to star in. And so came Steel, which has since become a textbook example of all aspects of good filmmaking. Of course, I'm just kidding!

Both films were generally passed off as miserable failures, and seem to have (thankfully!) deterred Shaq from leaving the basketball court in favour of acting full-time. Also a product of Steel was a score by Mervyn Warren, who falls under the category of composers-who-seem-better-off-singing-than-scoring. As a member of the group Take 6, Warren often achieves wonders of vocal jazz. As a film composer, his music seems generally uninspired and derivative.

Of course, maybe it's just the project. The music is not bad, per se; it's just not very interesting at all, and often clichéd and silly to excess. Most of the fun comes from the track titles - "Couple Gets Mugged", "Bad Guy Convention", etc. However, it should be noted that track times for the last few cues on the disc are wrong - probably because there are 23 tracks listed, and 24 on the album!

Finally, let it be known that I had a good chuckle at the song "Stand Up (Steel Yourself)." When I said that Warren was good at this sort of thing, I didn't say he couldn't have a miss every now and again. This is that miss.

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