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The Banner Saga 2 - Vinyl Edition

The Banner Saga 2 - Vinyl Edition


Release Date: November 2016

Conducted by Austin Wintory

Performed by
The Colorado Symphony

Formats: Digital, Vinyl

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Disc 1: The Banner Saga 2 - Vinyl Edition
1. An Oath, Until the End 1:05
2. The World Is Breaking 3:36
3. Faces to the Wind 1:32
4. Minds Like Streams and Streams Like Minds 1:58
5. A Path Through the Skies 3:59
6. Under the Black Banner 2:11
7. Only Snow Can Shield the Sun 2:30
8. Blades Yearn for Courageous Blood 2:31
9. Promises of Sanctuary 1:25
10. The Endlessly Grasping Bogs 3:04
11. Descended from Fire 1:11
12. Dragons in the Mud 2:40
13. Deep into the Rocks 1:19
14. Even the Trees Can Smell Your Blood 4:11
15. To the Skies 1:00
16. Children of the Fallen 1:13
17. Broken Shells 1:42
18. From the Shouting Rocks, His Eyes Finally Opened 3:23
19. Paths Part 2:05
20. The Twilight Flight 2:24
21. With Eyes to the Endless Sun 2:28
22. Walls Like Mountains 2:18
23. More Stars Tonight Than Last Night 1:10
24. Threads Unweave 6:33
25. Our Steps, to the Night (with Arstioir) 3:16
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From the Manufacturer

Much of the epic adventure in the Banner Saga series is conveyed not only through visuals, but also through the game's powerful music by composer Austin Wintory.

Arnie Jorgensen, art director of the Banner Saga series, took great care in crafting the visuals exclusively for this vinyl release, staying true to the game's soulful mythology, while embracing the unique canvas that is album design. As with all new iam8bit music releases, the audio is being mastered specifically for optimal vinyl audio quality by our talented friends at Telegraph Mastering Studio.

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