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The Crumbles

The Crumbles

Regime Music Group

Release Date: September 4, 2012

Format: Digital

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1. Intro (Quetzal Flores) 1:26
2. Craziness (Interlude) (Katie Hipol, Teresa Michelle Lee) 0:06
3. The Crumbles (Quetzal Flores, Katie Hipol) 2:27
4. Crumbles Score I (Quetzal Flores) 0:29
5. Serge's Theme (Quetzal Flores, Walter Miranda) 0:56
6. Far and Wide (Interlude) (Katie Hipol, Teresa Michelle Lee, Ebony Perry) 0:17
7. Everyday Girl (Quetzal Flores, Katie Hipol) 2:18
8. Crumbles Score II (Quetzal Flores) 1:10
9. The Pitch (Interlude) (Adrian Torres, Seth Millwood, Ebony Perry) 0:48
10. Quiero Mi Cocol (Quetzal Flores, Martha Gonzalez, Alexandro Hernandez) 1:13
11. Sword and Hammer Groove (Quetzal Flores, Katie Hipol) 3:28
12. True Carnage (Interlude) (Seth Millwood) 0:15
13. Cry Baby Bottom (Quetzal Flores) 0:26
14. Thrift Store Rock (Quetzal Flores, Martha Gonzalez, Walter Miranda) 1:24
15. Manchester Memories (Quetzal Flores) 2:44
16. Yemaya En Dub (Quetzal Flores, Martha Gonzalez) 0:49
17. I'll Be Here When You're Gone (Quetzal Flores, Walter Miranda) 0:54
18. Eternal Life (Interlude) (Seth Millwood) 0:12
19. Life Goes On (Quetzal Flores, Katie Hipol) 2:56
  Total Album Time: 24:18
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