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The Pick-up Artist / Rapture

The Pick-up Artist / Rapture

Limited Edition of 1,000 Copies

Kritzerland (KR 20030-3)

Release Date: January 15, 2016

Conducted by Georges Delerue

Format: CD

Music By

Track Listing

1. THE PICK-UP ARTIST: New York 5:22
2. A Thing of Beauty 4:22
3. Happiness 7:52
4. The Loss 1:26
5. The Win 3:32
6. The Theme 3:23
7. Together at Last 0:50
8. RAPTURE: Main Titles 1:38
9. Wedding Reception 2:28
10. Karen Fetches Agnes 0:10
11. Agnes and Seagulls 2:08
12. Agnes Plays Mouth Organ 0:11
13. Doll Thrown Over Cliff 1:34
14. Father Gives Agnes Gloves 2:11
15. The Hospital 0:56
16. Tragedy 1:16
17. “He's Mine – I Made Him”
18. Agnes Kisses Her Scarecrow 0:39
19. “You See How Much I Need You” 2:41
20. “It Can't Be Helped, I'm Mad” 2:14
21. Agnes Runs to Hospital 2:09
22. Agnes Looks in Mirror 2:16
23. Josef and Agnes Together 1:32
24. Josef and Agnes Love Scene 1:20
25. Agnes Frightened 6:11
26. Josef – The Police 1:25
27. Agnes Alone With Gulls 1:36
  Total Album Time: 61:22

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From the Manufacturer

James Toback's The Pick-up Artist is an odd beast, but a likeable one and one that, today, seems a lot better than it seemed back in 1987 when it was released to a tepid reaction from critics and audiences. Composer Georges Delerue wrote a wonderful, romantic, and melodic score—in fact, it's one of his best. But at some point Toback made the decision to remove most of it. The first note of score isn't heard until forty-eight minutes into the film. In the released version of The Pick-up Artist, there's probably not more than five minutes of the approximately twenty-five minutes that Delerue wrote and even what's there reuses the same cue at least twice. But on its own the Delerue score is utterly captivating and lovely—just a perfect listening experience.

Our companion score is Delerue's Rapture, director John Guillerman's film which, until its resurrection on Blu-ray by Twilight Time, was mostly unknown. Delerue captured every emotion and nuance of the story, his music almost acting as another character in the film. The beautiful writing for strings and reeds is uniquely Delerue-esque, and his use of the wordless soprano is incredible. It's a stunning achievement and one of the high water marks of his career.

Both The Pick-up Artist and Rapture were originally released on Intrada, but as separate releases—both are out-of-print (The Pick-up Artist has been OOP for almost a decade and sold out in one day). Since the two Delerue scores are a perfect pair, we're very excited to make them available again. The Pick-up Artist is in beautiful stereo from the masters housed in the Fox vaults. The tape for Rapture was provided to Intrada by Colette Delerue and is in mono. We've done a fresh new mastering for both scores and they sound wonderful.

This release is limited to 1000 copies.

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