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Leon (The Professional) - Vinyl Edition

Leon (The Professional) - Vinyl Edition

Waxwork Records

Release Date: August 26, 2016

Format: Vinyl

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Disc 1: The Professional
1. SIDE A: Noon 4:02
2. Cute Name 3:28
3. Ballad for Mathilda 2:14
4. What's Happening out There? 3:05
5. A Bird in New York 1:20
6. She Is Dead 1:31
7. SIDE B: Fatman 5:16
8. Leon the Cleaner 1:50
9. Can I Have a Word With You? 1:14
10. The Game Is Over 1:36
11. Feel the Breath 3:18
12. Room 4602 1:17
  Disc Time: 30:11
Disc 2: Leon (The Professional) - Vinyl Edition
1. SIDE C: Very Special Delivery 2:41
2. When Leon Does His Best 2:11
3. Back On the Crime Scene 2:33
4. Birds of Storm 1:37
5. Tony the Ibm 1:57
6. How Do You Know It's Love? 1:28
7. SIDE D: The Fight (Part 1: the Swat Squad) 2:29
8. The Fight (Part 2: Bring Me Everyone) 4:34
9. The Fight (Part 3: the Big Weapon) 3:02
10. The Fight (Part 4: One Is Alive) 3:14
11. Two Ways Out 3:10
  Disc Time:
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From the Manufacturer

Waxwork Records' new double-LP release marks the very first time the film score by composer Eric Serra has been released on vinyl. Combining both electronic and orchestral cues, Serra creates a score that is tense, yet beautiful, which compliments the film's action sequences and the childhood innocence of Mathilda.

In keeping with Waxwork Records' tireless efforts to create the highest quality soundtrack and film score releases on vinyl, the audio for The Professional (Leon) was sourced from the original master tapes and then re-mastered for vinyl by producer and former White Zombie guitarist, J. Yuenger. The packaging includes 180 gram colored vinyl, heavyweight old-style tip on jackets with soft-touch coating, and new artwork by Oliver Barrett. Léon: The Professional is available in two variants: "Gunmetal" with Black Splatter Vinyl & "Upper East Side Splatter" Tan with Black Splatter.

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