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The Rat Patrol - Volume 2

The Rat Patrol - Volume 2

Limited Edition of 1,200 Units

La-La Land Records (LLLCD 1302)

Release Date: May 6, 2014

Conducted by Dominic Frontiere & Alex North

Performed by
The Graunke Symphony Orchestra

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. The Rat Patrol Overture 2:30
2. The Germans on the Move 1:51
3. Before the War 3:48
4. Our Man Hans / Rats on the Prowl 1:32
5. Belly Dancer Muzak 1:23
6. After the War 3:42
7. In and Out 1:23
8. Hans Checks for Rats / German Fall Out 1:41
9. That Tiny World (no strings, vocal: Jack Jones) 2:44
10. Quick Getaway From the Germans 1:32
11. Tank Column 1:56
12. In Love With a Rat 2:58
13. In and Out of Trouble 0:30
14. Lili Marlene (music by Norbert Schultze) 1:54
15. Big Mean Germans 1:46
16. Here Comes Hans 0:45
17. The Showdown 1:40
18. Rats on Parade 2:01
19. Remembering an Old Friend 2:52
20. Rat Patrol Main Title (alt. take) (The Chase of Fire Raid) 1:46
21. UNUSED SCORE (Alex North): The Original Rat Patrol Theme 0:51
22. Our Heroes on Duty 0:36
23. Entering the Bar 0:27
24. Rat Chat 2:30
25. Honor and Duty 2:40
26. Germans Arrive / Let's Get Out of Here 1:14
27. Until Next Time / Finale 1:48
28. The Original Rat Patrol (End Credits) 0:55
29. SOURCE CUES (Dominic Frontiere): Slow and Sexy Belly Dance 3:36
30. Fast Belly Dance 0:47
31. That Tiny World (record with strings, vocal: Jack Jones) 2:44
32. The Rat Patrol End Credits (Alt. Take) 0:38
  Total Album Time: 59:00

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From the Manufacturer

La-La Land Records and MGM present another volume of music from the classic WWII television series The Rat Patrol. Besides including more library cues composer Dominic Frontiere wrote for the series, we are also including an unearthed gem—Alex North's never before heard score he wrote for the pilot! Film and television music historian Jon Burlingame delves deep into the rich history of this classic television series and the scores that helped make it so memorable. Mark Banning's top notch art direction earns him the rank of Captain as his packaging design keeps in theme with the previous volume of music (now out of print). This new volume clocks in around 61 minutes.

Produced by Ford A. Thaxton and James Nelson
Mastered by James Nelson
Liner Notes by Jon Burlingame
Art Direction by Mark Banning

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