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The Red House

The Red House


Release Date: October 29, 2012

Conducted by Allan Wilson

Performed by
Royal National Scottish Orchestra, Winchester Cathedral Chamber Choir

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: The Red House
1. Main Title And Narration 3:15
2. The Morgan Farm 2:37
3. The New Hired Hand 1:13
4. Oxhead Wood Mystery 3:18
5. Screams In The Night 2:54
6. Pete's Strange Knowledge 0:28
7. The Barn 2:10
8. Nath Explores The Woods 1:24
9. Meg Asks Questions 2:26
10. Attack In The Woods 2:16
11. The Accusation And The Conspiracy 2:37
12. Search In The Woods 3:37
13. Swimming 1:54
14. Sunday Dinner 1:15
15. Pete Threatens Meg 1:10
16. Meeting In The Woods 0:57
17. Crossing The Stream 1:19
18. Pete Warns Teller 1:33
19. Prayer Sequence 1:26
20. Graduation Present 2:50
21. Meg Finds The Red House 3:27
22. Teller Shoots At Meg 2:02
23. Pete's Grief 3:06
24. Meg's Accident 0:48
25. Nath And Meg 4:29
26. Ellen Denounces Pete 1:10
27. Teller And Nath Fight 1:54
  Disc Time: 57:35
Disc 2: The Red House
1. Who Was Jeanie? 1:53
2. Ellen Goes To The Woods 4:47
3. Ellen's Death 2:25
4. Pete's Confession 6:03
5. Ride To The Red House And The Red House 5:40
6. Pete's Death And End Title 3:33
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

Intrada's latest release in its Excalibur Collection features the premiere of Miklos Rozsa's complete score to the 1947 film The Red House. The unique combination of the 1940s and the film-noir genre provided Rozsa with an opportunity to compose some of his most stunning film scores. The Red House is one of the greatest of these scores. Full of passion, action, and drama, the score has only previously been released in suite format.

Kevin Kaska reconstructed the entire score from scratch, ensuring strict adherence to Rozsa's original orchestrations and resulting in a CD of the complete score running over an hour. In all of Rozsa's extensive body of work, it is no exaggeration to state that this score contains some of the most compelling music he had ever composed and it is an honor for Intrada to announce this on what would been Rozsa's 105th birthday.

Starring Edward G. Robinson and based on the novel by George Agnew Chamberlain, the story tells of a crippled farmer who, after his daughter brings home a suitor, attempts to keep everyone from a mysterious red house located on his property. Of course, madness and murder prevail.

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