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The River - Expanded

The River - Expanded

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 441)

Release Date: May 5, 2020

Conducted by John Williams

Format: CD

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2. Growing Up 2:52
3. The Pony Ride 3:16
4. Love Theme From The River 4:55
5. The Ancestral Home 4:31
6. Rain Clouds Gather 3:06
7. From Farm To Factory 2:46
8. Back From Town 3:41
9. Tractor Scene 2:19
10. A Family Meeting 2:38
11. Young Friends Farewell 2:42
12. SCORE PRESENTATION: Main Title (Rain Clouds Gather) 3:08
13. Leaving Home* 2:56
14. The Family* 1:43
15. The Kids Separate* 1:40
16. The Garveys 1:24
17. On The Dock 1:25
18. Under The Tractor 2:21
19. Dialing The Hospital* 1:32
20. Telephone Call* 2:33
21. The Hotel* 2:06
22. Releasing The Doe* 1:05
23. Back From Town (Film Version) 3:45
24. The Ancestral Home 4:33
25. End Credits (The River) 4:31
26. THE EXTRAS: The Family (Alternate)* 1:39
27. The Ancestral Home (Alternate)* 2:32
28. Leaving Home (Film Version)* 2:55
  Total Album Time: 79:03

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*Previously unreleased

Intrada announces its latest collabration with Universal Studios and UMe with the release of John Williams' Oscar-nominated score to the 1984 film The River. The film marked Williams' fourth collaboration with director Mark Rydell, having previously worked together on The Reivers, The Cowboys, and Cinderella Liberty. Released on LP by MCA Records concurrent with the film's theatrical release, the album was a strong presentation of the score, featuring selections that were recorded specifically for the album. Nearly half of the soundtrack features rearranged or expanded versions of their film counterparts. As with Intrada's release of Monsignor, this new CD opens with the original remastered MCA program followed by the entire film score, including alternates, and is produced by Mike Matessino.

A firm entry in Williams' Americana oeuvre, The River features a strong theme for the homestead "under siege," heard in its fullest form during the spectacular "The Ancestral Home." The score also features the solo colors of flute, trumpet and guitar, moving between the power of family and home, lighthearted family life and the colder, darker nature of storms, both natural and human-made.

In the film, Tom and Mae Garvey (Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek) are a Tennessee farming couple fighting a war to save their farmland on two fronts. Mother nature besieges the farm with violent floods on one side and on the other a greedy land developer (Scott Glenn) tries to foreclose on the farm in order to build a dam to produce power.

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