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The Welts and Other Music

The Welts and Other Music

Caldera Records (C6016)

Release Date: November 2016

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. THE WELTS: Love Scene 2:43
2. Prologue 1:18
3. Music is Healing 1:22
4. Pigeons 0:57
5. Windmills and Holy Figures 1:52
6. Street in the Rain 1:20
7. Confession 1:12
8. Escape From Home 1:11
9. Impossible Escape 1:31
10. Cave 2:43
11. Childhood 3:56
12. Wojciech and Tania 1:22
13. Returning Home 1:33
14. Telephone Call to Editorial Office 1:13
15. The Welts 2:32
16. Confession of Love 2:11
17. Mountains 1:24
18. Inscription on a Mirror 2:18
19. Final Credits 3:14
20. DROWSINESS: Cooking of Hallucinogenic Herbs 1:24
21. Drowsiness 2:09
22. Cello 0:57
23. Ashes to the Sky 2:04
24. Final Credits 3:47
25. OBYWATEL: Echo of Her Voice 2:19
26. Why Me Why Only Me? 1:52
27. OTHER MUSIC: Beautiful Sweet Epic Reflection 2:28
28. Woman From the Dark 2:06
29. Theme of Journey 3:08
30. Existence no Existence 1:42
31. Charming and Moving 3:01
32. Close-Ups 3:38
33. People Like Pigeons 2:19
34. Eugeniusz Bodo Lumiere Magique 2:06
35. Soaring Dreams 3:35
36. BONUS: Audio Commentary (Adrian Konarski) 3:35
  Total Album Time: 78:02

From the Manufacturer

Caldera Records is proud to present the original score for the motion picture The Welts, composed by Adrian Konarski. Performed by a small orchestra with haunting instrumental solos for piano and woodwinds, the music is full of melancholy and yet offering a glimpse of hope for the troubled character of the movie. Konarski works with several themes and motifs such as a love theme which receives its variations throughout the score.

Furthermore, Caldera presents several other works by Konarski, mounting to a running time of 80 minutes in total: Drowsiness and Obywatel are two other elegiac scores for movies by Magdalena Piekorz, performed by orchestra and soloists such as a mesmerizing soprano. Several other pieces also assembled on this compilation were written by Konarski for different projects, offering a vast variety of melodies and styles.

As a bonus, we included an exclusive audio commentary by the composer where he talks about his work. The 16th CD-release of Caldera Records features a detailed booklet-text by Gergely Hubai and elegant artwork by Luis Miguel Rojas. The CD was produced by Stephan Eicke and John Elborg.

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