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Then Came Bronson

Then Came Bronson

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 244)

Release Date: June 24, 2013

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1:
1. Main Title (George Duning) 0:54
2. THE RUNNER (George Duning): Bronson Rides 2:36
3. He's an Orphan 5:13
4. Where's Johnny 4:07
5. Bronson Leaves 1:27
6. Bumpers 0:17
7. THE OLD MOTORCYCLE FIASCO (George Duning): Alex's Bike 2:31
8. Nora Mad 0:56
9. Busy Boys 2:39
10. Alex Follows 4:18
11. Final Fall 2:42
12. AMID SPLINTERS OF THE THUNDERBOLT (George Duning): Wayfarer Bronson 3:49
13. Whiskey at Night 4:12
14. Bucky's Guilt 2:48
15. Mary Delivers 2:06
16. ALL THE WORLD AND GOD (George Duning): Stiff Neck 2:35
17. Mrs. Lacey 3:22
18. Doc Is Dead 3:43
19. Lambert 3:25
20. Goodbye for Awhile 1:44
21. YOUR LOVE IS LIKE A DEMOLITION DERBY IN MY HEART (George Duning): Bronson Rock 1:21
22. To the Derby 1:17
23. Leona and Bronson 2:17
24. Prisoner Billy 4:22
25. THAT UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY (George Duning): Amish Farm 2:56
26. Worried Parents 2:48
27. Jan's Invitation 3:18
28. Sad Jan 3:11
29. End Title (version 1) 0:51
  Disc Time: 77:45

Disc 2:
1. Main Title (alternate ending) (George Duning) 0:55
2. A FAMINE WHERE ABUNDANCE LIES (John Parker): Neck Deep 4:45
3. OLD TIGERS NEVER DIE--THEY JUST RUN AWAY (John Parker): Highway Triangle 4:52
4. WHERE WILL THE TRUMPETS BE? (Ellio Kaplan): Wild Horses 4:47
5. TWO PERCENT OF NOTHING (Stu Phillips): Free Water 6:12
6. A LONG TRIP TO YESTERDAY (John Parker): Tate Don't Shuck 5:45
7. AGAINST A BLANK COLD WALL (Dean Elliott): The Snake 4:57
8. SIBYL (Richard Shores): Moonlight Meeting 8:42
9. THE GLEAM OF THE EAGLE MIND (Stu Phillips): Lady of Sweet Sorrows 5:48
10. LUCKY DAY (Richard Shores): Eve and Len 4:13
11. MATING DANCE FOR TENDER GRASS (John Parker): Bronson Under Siege 4:24
12. Manure-Spreader's - Gavotte Source 3:48
13. THE MOUNTAIN (Tom McIntosh): Breaking the Ice 6:56
14. THE NINETY-NINE MILE CIRCLE (Richard Shores): Nice Circle 4:49
15. WHAT'S AN ARK WITHOUT CENTAURS? (Philip Springer): Montage 5:28
16. End Title (version 2) (George Duning)
  Disc Time: 76:21
  Total Album Time: 154:06

From the Manufacturer

In 2010, the Film Score Monthly label released the five-CD TV Omnibus. Amongst this collection was music from the TV series pilot Then Came Bronson and two Gil Melle-scored episodes. This all new 2-CD set features more music from the series, including the remaining six episodes scored by George Duning, as well as episodes scored by John Parker, Elliot Kaplan, Stu Philips, Dean Elliot, Tom McIntosh, and Richard Shores.

As producer Lukas Kendall writes in his liner notes, "the music carries a certain mood, due to the unique ambition of the series, which I can only characterize as "existential humanist Americana" (or those three words in any order). Here you had a modern-day Hollywood TV show descending on rural America, written, produced and scored within television conventions—but aspiring for something more meaningful than escapism or catching the bad guy."

For this release, Intrada had access to the original 1/2" three-track tape, providing exceptional stereo sound.

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