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Too Late The Hero

Too Late The Hero

Screen Archives Entertainment (SAE 002)

Year Released: 1970

Conducted by Gerald Fried

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Overture 3:14
2. Too Late The Hero - Opening Titles 4:01
3. British Flag (Lili Burlero) 1:02
4. Trevor's Return 1:16
5. The Crossing 1:15
6. Five Of Them 1:10
7. Not Going That Way/Other Casualties 2:35
8. Too Late The Hero 1:03
9. Jap Officer 1:05
10. Death Scream 1:11
11. Lawson's Trick 2:49
12. Scavenger/Too Late The Hero 2:14
13. Old Army Boots 0:44
14. Shrine 1:12
15. Too Late The Hero 2:08
16. Too Late The Hero 1:39
17. Radio Shack 2:04
18. The Approach/Scott Shot/Lights On/Too Late The Hero 5:41
19. Quick Exit 1:46
20. Post Grenade 0:34
21. Overture, Act II 2:52
22. Air Strip/Camouflage Caper 2:25
23. Smoky Japs/Too Late The Hero 1:24
24. Too Late The Hero 3:15
25. Thornton's Ambush/Thornton's Free Ride/Shrine 3:52
26. How To Help A Buddy 3:57
27. Ring Job 0:16
28. Revolver 1:24
29. Too Late The Hero 2:18
30. Camp 0:49
31. Getting The Gooch 3:31
32. You Zig, I'll Zag/Too Late The Hero 4:43
33. Too Late The Hero - Finale 1:40
34. Exit Music 2:40
  Total Album Time: 73:49

From the Manufacturer

In Robert Aldrich's pulsating World War II thriller, Lawson (Cliff Robertson), an American naval officer specializing in Asiatic languages, is sent to the Pacific theater to assist a group of British soldiers (Michael Caine, Denholm Elliott, and Harry Andrews) in a seemingly simple mission—knock out the enemy's key transmitter. But the allied soldiers soon realize they are up against unsurpassable odds and that hopes of survival are sliver thin. Lawson takes charge of the group and devises a daring plan of escape.

Robertson lends Too Late The Hero emotional depth with his portrayal of Lawson as a reluctant hero transforming himself into a leader as the suicidal nature of the mission grows ever clearer. In the tradition of Aldrich's earlier action-adventure extravaganzas The Dirty Dozen and The Flight of the Phoenix, Too Late The Hero features a formidable cast, exotic sets, cataclysmic special effects, and an ever-tightening grip of suspense, making the film a worthy addition to the director's canon of macho, white-knuckle forays deep into the lethal epicenter of war.

The score is composed and conducted by Gerald Fried.

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