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Un povero ricco

Un povero ricco

Digitmovies (CDDM217)

Release Date: July 31, 2012

Conducted by Stelvio Cipriani

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Girl in Blue 3:40
2. Figurations 2:09
3. Pretty Boy 2:01
4. For the Last Time 0:56
5. Sprite 0:47
6. Sunday at Four 4:08
7. Blue Tears 2:02
8. Holiday Tune 2:46
9. Boy in Blue 2:05
10. Exuberant Youth 2:40
11. Hallowed Wall 1:57
12. Empty Cottage 0:47
13. Underscored 3:10
14. Shuttle Service 5:02
15. Reverie in Blue 3:36
16. BONUS TRACKS: Blue Tears 2:00
17. Un Povero Ricco Seq. 1 1:12
18. Figurations 2:11
19. Blue Tears 1:53
20. Boy in Blue 1:19
21. Hallowed Wall 3:13
22. Blue Tears 1:29
23. Un Povero Ricco Seq. 2 2:05
24. Un Povero Ricco Seq. 3 1:43
25. Blue Tears 4:23
26. Un Povero Ricco Seq.4 1:12
27. Blue Tears 1:58
28. Boy in Blue 3:54
  Total Album Time: 66:18

From the Manufacturer

Digitmovies again explores the '80s Italian comedy movie territory by releasing for the very first time on CD the complete OST in full stereo by Stelvio Cipriani for Un povero ricco.

For this project we have used the original album master tape and also those tracks in stereo of the original recording sessions which allowed us to print on CD the complete OST of the legendary Stelvio Cipriani. In 1983 a vinyl album (Start LPS 40207) had been issued which contained fifteen selections prepared by the author (duration 38:22), but with all the extra material our CD has a duration of 67:28.

With his immediately recognizable style Cipriani has created a sweet romantic love theme, carefree, with a lot of class and pop arrangements introduced in "Main Titles" (Tr. 1), reprised in a slow version (Tr.2, Tr.7), a fast one (Tr.4), and in the "Finale" (Tr.15), but the OST is full of happy moments like the theme for the male character which is just perfect for Renato Pozzetto (Tr. 3, Tr.21). For the fans of Stelvio Cipriani, Renato Pozzetto and the beautiful Ornella Muti, this is definitely a must-have CD.

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