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Veneri al Sole / Veneri in Collegio

Veneri al Sole / Veneri in Collegio

Digitmovies (CDDM211)

Release Date: May 3, 2012

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.1 1:31
2. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.2 5:09
3. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.3 2:14
4. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.4 1:26
5. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.5 5:13
6. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.6 1:45
7. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.7 1:55
8. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.8 1:32
9. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.9 1:23
10. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.10 1:49
11. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.11 1:23
12. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.12 1:03
13. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.13 1:27
14. VENERI AL SOLE - seq.14 2:09
15. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.1 2:10
16. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.2 6:07
17. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.3 3:41
18. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.4 4:00
19. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.5 3:54
20. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.6 3:37
21. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.7 0:59
22. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.8 2:37
23. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.9 4:17
24. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.10 1:35
25. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.11 1:18
26. VENERI IN COLLEGIO - seq.12 3:23
  Total Album Time: 67:37

From the Manufacturer

Digitmovies for the first absolute time on CD the OST by Carlo Savina from the comedy movies:

Veneri al sole (aka Venus in the sun) directed in 1965 by Marino Girolami ed interpretato da Raimondo Vianello, Walter Chiari, Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Valeria Fabrizi, Grazia Maria Spina, Gloria Paul, Luigi Pavese, Carlo Delle Piane, Enzo Andronico, Nietta Zocchi, Marco Mariani, Giampiero Littera, Annie Gorassini, Umberto D'Orsi, Franca Polesello, Edy Biagetti. This movie is divided in three segments: "Intrigo al mare" ("Plot at the sea") where a photo reporter defends a cute girl from continue attempts of stealing a mysterious suitcase; "Una domenica a Fregene" ("A Sunday in Fregene") that is the love affair at the sea of a company executive with his mistress is ruined by the presence of his delivery man with his family, who does all his best to play up to his superior; "Come conquistare le donne" ("How to conquest women"): an old Don Juan tries various ways to come his very shy son close to first experiences with women.

Veneri in collegio (aka "Escándalo en el internado") directed in 1966 by Marino Girolami and starring Raimondo Vianello, Silvio Bagolini, Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Ennio Girolami, Ursula Davis, Sandra Mondaini, Carlo Pisacane, Marco Tulli, Carla Caḷ, Enzo Andronico, Angel Ter: three journalists dressed like hydraulic workers, succeeds to gain admittance in a very monitored Swiss boarding school, with the purpose to take pictures one of the girls bound to marry a very rich Arab man. The things shall become more complicated cause the clandestine presence of journalists of a Paris scandal magazine and of two fake Arabs (Franchi e Ingrassia) , really actors of a movie troupe that works in that zone. At the end the young protagonists' love will triumph. The tragic-comical adventures are described by Carlo Savina with a whole pleasant series of funny themes that are alternated to nice dance floor tunes with the typical style of those years.

For this 68:41 CD we have used the mono master tapes of the original sessions properly restored and remastered in digital.

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