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Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Complete

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Complete

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 397)

Release Date: January 23, 2018

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1:
1. Main Title 0:30
2. Maroon Toon Logo 0:18
3. Cartoon 4:01
4. Hitch-Hike 2:17
5. Cloverleaf 1:05
6. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (Franz Liszt, Arr. Alan Silvestri) 2:57
7. Why Don't You Do Right? 3:04
8. Eddie Breaks In 1:28
9. Patty Cake 0:53
10. The Eye 0:13
11. I Needed That/Work Here Finished 1:20
12. Valiant & Valiant 2:07
13. Fire In The Hatch/Scene Of The Crime 1:06
14. Shoes On The Loose 0:33
15. Judge Doom/Looking For A Murder 4:05
16. The Weasels 2:20
17. The Glass 1:07
18. Strange Bedfellows 2:44
19. Toon Patrol/Search The Place 3:23
20. I'm A Pawn 2:00
21. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Roger's Song) 0:44
22. But I'm A Toon/Looking For Murderer 4:38
23. Execution 1:46
24. Got Ya, Kid 2:59
25. Toon Killed My Brother 1:16
26. Have A Good Man 0:17
27. R.K. Maroon 4:03
28. The Getaway 2:49
29. Toontown 6:07
30. Acme Factory/Roger Fanfare/Ton O' Bricks 5:16
31. Start The Dip 2:09
  Disc Time: 69:35

Disc 2:
1. Eddie's Theme 5:17
2. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Instrumental) 2:09
3. The Kick/The Climbing 2:02
4. Toon Magnet 0:25
5. Steamroller 5:43
6. Hole In The Wall 0:46
7. Saved 2:56
8. Big Kiss/Smile, Darn Ya, Smile 2:03
9. End Credits - Roger Rabbit Medley (Film Version) 6:32
10. ADDITIONAL CUES AND ALTERNATES: Maroon Toon Logo (Without Logo Slide) 0:17
11. Hollywood 1947 1:00
12. I'm A Pawn (Alternate) 2:00
13. Toon Killed My Brother (Alternate #1) 1:18
14. Toon Killed My Brother (Alternate #2) 0:54
15. Trumpet Fanfare 0:04
16. Hole In The Wall (Alternate) 0:19
17. Saved (Alternate) 2:41
18. THE ROGER RABBIT CARTOONS: Rollercoaster Rabbit (Bruce Broughton) 6:37
19. Trail Mix-Up (Bruce Broughton) 8:21
20. Tummy Trouble (James Horner) 6:47
  Disc Time: 58:11

Disc 3:
1. ORIGINAL 1988 SOUNDTRACK ALBUM: Maroon Logo 0:17
2. Maroon Cartoon 3:21
3. Valiant & Valiant 4:19
4. The Weasels 2:04
5. Hungarian Rhapsody (Dueling Pianos) 1:40
6. Judge Doom 3:48
7. Why Don't You Do Right? (McCoy) 3:02
8. No Justice For Toons 2:40
9. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Roger's Song) (Friend/Franklin) 0:45
10. Jessica's Theme 2:01
11. Toontown 4:40
12. Eddie's Theme 5:18
13. The Gag Factory 3:54
14. The Will 1:06
15. Smile, Darn Ya, Smile (Meskill/O'Flynn/Rich) - That's All, Folks! (Friend/Franklin) 1:15
16. End Title 4:56
  Disc Time: 45:06
  Total Album Time: 172:52

From the Manufacturer

In 1988, Touchstone Pictures and Amblin Entertainment released Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a technological marvel integrating animation and live action. To score the onscreen antics of the wacky Roger Rabbit and his sourpuss human detective-for-hire Eddie Valiant, director Robert Zemeckis called in his trusted composer, Alan Silvestri. The pair first worked together on Romancing the Stone and the following year's mega-hit, Back to the Future. Having also scored the aggressive action film Predator just the year prior, Silvestri was a brand name and brought a diverse set of styles to the colorful, kinetic onscreen action. Starting with a cool jazz styling in the previously unreleased Main TItle, Silvestri sets the tone for the film, then immediately diverts to a cartoon shooting in progress. A colorful and wild orchestra follows the crazy happenings in the cartoon world until production is interrupted. As the story unfolds, private dick Eddie Valiant is introduced as well as his cool and somewhat nostalgic, bluesy theme. The challenge was for Silvestri to write a score that was jazzy noir, action, with generous doses of Carl Stalling. The result is a swirling mix of styles that come together into a unified whole that captures the world of Roger Rabbit, 1940s Hollywood, and the under- and over-belly of the Toon World.

To present this expanded edition, including a wealth of music not used in the final cut of the film, Intrada assembled Dennis Sand's original mixes into a program running 98 minutes. In addition, some alternate takes are provided in the Extras section as well as the three Roger Rabbit shorts released in subsequent years:

Tummy Trouble, composed and conducted by James Horner
Rollercoaster Rabbit and Trail Mix-Up composed and conducted by Bruce Broughton

To round out this 3-CD set, the final disc contains the original album presentation featuring Silvestri's unique edits and assemblies including some dialog omitted from the complete presentation on the first two discs.

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