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Limited Edition of 2,000 Units

La-La Land Records (LLLCD 1206)

Release Date: April 24, 2012

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Overture; Main Title; Love Theme Wings; Knights and Ladies* 2:53
2. A Small Town; Mary Preston Had Always; Mary Raises Finger 2:10
3. Sylvia and Dave in the Swing; Bon Vivant+; Close Up of Mary 1:32
4. Youth Laughed 0:24
5. In Military Camp+; Put Your Moniker 1:40
6. Ode to Spring*; She's My Girl; If You'd Seen His Look 2:27
7. The Revolving Machine; Comedian Taken Out 0:41
8. Hurry #2+; You're Game 1:37
9. Intermezzo+; Chanson+; Intermezzo+; Aviator White; Air Flight* 2:52
10. Change of Scene; Comedian Seen; Crusaders* 1:58
11. Allegro Furioso 0:32
12. Count Von Kellermann; L'istesso Tempo; A Midsummer Night's Dream+; Second Airplane on Fire; Air Flight* 4:07
13. Storm+; English Trenches 3:08
14. Giant Gotha; Grandioso; Soldiers Marching; Escorted By; Over There+; Darktown Strutters' Ball+ 3:05
15. Close Up of Mary; Germans Seen 0:42
16. Storm+; Incidental Symphonies #3+; Running Out of Gas 3:24
17. Right after Crash; A Midsummer Night's Dream+; Say That's the Shooting Star 0:45
18. French General Kisses 1:20
19. Cabaret Capers+; I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles; Cabaret Capers+ 2:58
20. Mary Walks to the Table; No War Drinking Song; When Yankee Doodle Learned to Parlez-Vous+; Mary Enters; I Understand; They Turn Away; Dress to Impress 4:39
21. The Cobbler and the Fairy+; Another Close Up of Mary 1:22
22. It's Sylvia I Love; Jack Stoops Down 2:15
23. Incidental Symphonies #5+ 1:22
24. Behind the Enemy; Daybreak; Battle Music+ 1:57
25. Airplanes Start 1:50
26. Les Preludes+ 1:22
27. The Tempest+; Sicilian Vespers+; Battle Music; Far in the Enemy; Dave Crawls on Ground; Storm+; Soldiers Run 5:03
28. One Plane; Jack! Jack!; Jack Shooting 2:44
29. After Crash; Change of Scene; Disperazione; Don't Go; My Buddy+ 6:12
30. The Flying Ace+ 1:12
31. Romanza Senza Parole+; Mother Close Up; Mary Seen at Fence 6:10
32. Jack's Theme+ 1:03
  Total Album Time: 75:26

From the Manufacturer

All track selections Sony/ATV Harmony (ASCAP), unless otherwise indicated.
+Published by Paramount Allegra Music
*Published by WB Music Corp.

In honor of Paramount Pictures' 100th Anniversary, La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures present J.S. Zamecnik's original score, arranged and adapted by Dominik Hauser, to the very first Academy Award for Best Picture, the sensational 1927 WWI-set epic drama/adventure Wings, starring Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Richard Arlen and Gary Cooper, and directed by William A. Wellman.

When it was decided to restore the classic Wings for the studio's centennial, Paramount Pictures commissioned a new arrangement of J.S. Zamecnik's original score (originally played live to picture) to be newly recorded for the film. A prolific composer for films during the silent era, this release marks the very first time that a Zamecnik score has ever been recorded and released.

Hauser brings Zamecnik's original score, rich in dramatic, romantic and action material (as well as peppered with classical compositions), to life in all of its robust, thematic splendor. This music, much like the film's phenomenal aerial sequences, simply soars to exciting heights

Jeannie Gayle Pool, who was asked to produce the score restoration for Paramount, brings you behind the scenes of that process in her in-depth liner notes. This 75 minute release is jam packed with the very best music from this landmark film. What better way to commemorate the restoration of piece of film history than to release a piece of film music history!

Album Produced by Dan Goldwasser
Music & Album Assembly Produced by Jeannie Gayle Pool and Dominik Hauser
Mastered by James Nelson
Liner Notes by Jeannie Gayle Pool
Art Direction by Dan Goldwasser

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