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Limited Edition of 2,000 Units

La-La Land Records (LLLCD 1223)

Release Date: October 23, 2012

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Time Will Tell (Full Version) (vocal: Susan Anton) 2:11
2. The Story Begins / Scortch 3000 Years Later / Fairy Hookers / Peace Goes Forth / Peace in the Valley of Montagar 7:03
3. War Against Peace / Weehawk Disturbs the Peace / The Bubble Bursts 2:45
4. Jukebox Junky Blues 1:26
5. Blackwolf Finds the Record / War & Frog / We Can't Lose 1:37
6. Moving Out 1:54
7. Battle & Peewhittle's Death 2:05
8. Now Begins Our Final Battle / Avatar Equestrian/ On the Road to Scortch 1:27
9. Fairy Attack 1:43
10. Fairy Drums / Jungle Drums / Gargoyle Once a Day 1:42
11. Snow Drift / Snow Time / Assassins in the Snow 2:22
12. Tanks Again & Betrayal / Peace Isn't, Elinore Doesn't 1:20
13. To All Our Ships / Larry Gets Weehawk 0:52
14. The Elves Are Coming 1:30
15. Gathering of the Heavies / The Charge of the Heavy Brigade / The Battle Picks Up Tempo / The Punchup / The Elves Lose 6:36
16. Weehawk Finds Elinore / Elinore's OK / Blackwolf Bites It / Final History / Bye 3:29
17. Time Will Tell (Film Version) (vocal: Susan Anton) 2:00
  Total Album Time: 42:02

From the Manufacturer

Making its world premiere release in any form, La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox are proud to announce the release of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards. Back in 1977, two similar, but very different films were coming out from Fox—Wizard Wars and a little film known as Star Wars. As a favor to Lucas, Bakshi dropped the "Wars" part from his title and released his animated epic a few months before Lucas' now classic space opera.

This animated cult classic has since gone on to fascinate and entertain all those who have watched this truly unique film. One of the greatest contributions to this film, is the amazing score by Andrew Belling. Lyrical, experimental, jazz and rock n' roll infused music permeate the politically charged fantasy film about two dueling wizards and the fascist take over of this magical realm.

This world premiere soundtrack (presented in mono) represents the primary components of the Wizards score as it was recorded. Some musical elements were not found—most significantly being the main title music (a delicate, synth-choral melody running 1:22 plays over the brief opening titles and regrettably was not used elsewhere in the score). Aside from that, the other missing tracks are mostly very brief transition cues running only a few seconds or, in a few cases, as much as a minute.

However, several unused cues have survived and are included on this cd. All of the extent tracks have been carefully remastered by James Nelson of Digital Output with input from the composer. Liner notes by Randall Larson include exclusive quotes by film maker Ralph Bakshi and composer Andrew Belling. Gorgeous artwork by Mark Banning and the inclusion of the never before heard full version of Time Will Tell performed by Susan Anton highlight this fantastic release!

Produced by Nick Redman and Ford A. Thaxton.

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