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Zanna, Don't!: A Musical Fairy Tale

Zanna, Don't!: A Musical Fairy Tale

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Release Date: October 2012

Formats: CD, Digital

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1. Who's Got Extra Love? (Jai Rodriguez & Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 7:56
2. I Think We Got Love (Enrico Rodriguez & Jared Zeus) 3:24
3. I Ain't Got Time (Anika Larsen & Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 2:47
4. Ride 'Em (Shelley Thomas, Anika Larsen & Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 4:28
5. Zanna's Song (Jai Rodriguez) 3:12
6. Be a Man (Jai Rodriguez & Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 3:19
7. Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Shelley Thomas & Jared Zeus) 3:25
8. Fast (Darius Nichols, Robb Sapp & Amanda Ryan Paige) 2:20
9. I Could Write Books (Enrico Rodriguez) 2:33
10. Don't You Wish We Could Be in Love? (Anika Larsen, Enrico Rodriguez, Shelley Thomas, Jared Zeus & Jai Rodriguez) 3:38
11. Whatcha Got? (Anika Larsen & Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 2:43
12. Do You Know What It's Like? (Enrico Rodriguez, Jared Zeus, Shelley Thomas & Anika Larsen) 4:20
13. 'Tis a Far, Far Better Thing I Do (Jai Rodriguez) 1:24
14. Blow Winds (Jai Rodriguez & Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 2:38
15. Straight to Heaven (Robb Sapp & Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 2:19
16. Someday You Might Love Me (Jai Rodriguez) 3:09
17. Straight to Heaven (Reprise) (Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 1:29
18. Sometime, Do You Think We Could Fall in Love? (Robb Sapp & Jai Rodriguez) 3:13
19. Finale (Zanna Don't! Ensemble) 1:47
  Total Album Time: 60:04
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