[Exclusive - The Soundtrack Auction of the Year!]

Hi All,

This is David, the creator, and
owner of this here music shack
on the web. In order to keep this
place running, keep a roof over
my head, and get my self out of
debt (do you guys [and gals]
think this thing ran on dreams?)
I'm offerring up all, yes, all of my
soundtrack CDs for sale over the
next month and a half. I will begin
the sale on eBay by following this
link starting at 12pm EST tonight.
[ ws/
target="_blank">Bid on CD's

We'll eventually put some of the
more non-collectible items up for
sale on our store (coming soon),
but for all of those CDs you wish
you had after seeing them on our
site, here's your chance. Please
bid! E-mail me, David ( "mailto:dak@oundtrack.net">dak@soundtrack.net), any
questions about the CDs. 99% of
them are in excellent condition
(all the collectible ones), barely
listened to (alright, the Goldsmith
and Williams ones are more
listened to).

Folks, this sale directly helps the
site... so please be charitable!