[Interview - Mark Mancina]
When we last left Mark he was getting ready to score Disney's Tarzan, the following is an update conversation I had with Mark regarding his work for this score as well as some of his immediate future plans.

When we last talked, you were just starting the process of working with Phil Collins on his songs. Do you think that the collaborative process (you working on his songs, him playing drums in some score cues) was a success? Are there some things you wish you had done differently?

There isn't anything I would have done differently concerning the score and the songs. Phil and I are very proud of the way it came out - especially the fact that it is truly a, unlike many other films.

When writing the score, did you find yourself to be limited in scope by the pre-existing temp track? Or were you given the freedom to write without the boundaries of the temp?

We really didn't reference the temp score on the film because I started work on the film early in the process and fed my demos into the film as I did them. By the time we were screening (over a year ago) much of the "temp" was my original score. I really hate temp tracks at times, but this was one of the few movies I've done where there was no direction other than Phil’s and mine. Of course, the directors and Chris Montan (Executive Music Producer) helped in suggestions at time(s).

Did you have any specific influences or inspirations for score (aside from the amazing imagery, of course!)?

Well, I do love Mussorsky and at times the score is quite. But I have to say that working on the songs and finishing them before the score gave me great inspiration.

So now that Tarzan is behind you, do you have any future projects you are working on that you can tell us about? What is the status on that compilation album you hinted might be coming out this year?

Well, I just got married and plan an extended vacation. I think the IMAX movie on the Galapogos Islands is my next project.

The compilation album is going to come out, but I might push it back a bit so I can put some Tarzan on it. There is quite a bit of score I hadn't mixed yet when the score suite had to be compiled for the soundtrack album.