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Name: Bruce Dukov

Profession: Violinist. My violin was made in 1811 by Nicholas Lupot, who was known as the "French Stradivarius".

Education: Juilliard School of Music B.M, M.M; High School of Music & Art

What is it exactly that you do? I am a studio violinist, primarily a concertmaster (leader or 1st violinist, depending on where you are from) and the Concertmaster of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Recent films worked on: King Kong, Munich, Memoirs of a Geisha, Chronicles of Narnia, Deep Sea 3D IMAX.

Biggest films worked on: Jurassic Park, Titanic, Independence Day, Spider Man, X-Men, Seabiscuit, Toy Story (I & II)

What is your background: After being awarded a Fulbright Grant, I began a career as a concert violinist, based in London. I then decided, I did not enjoy touring and living out of a suitcase, away from my family; a close friend who was a commercial (studio) violinist in London, advised me about the advantages of a studio career, especially in the role of concertmaster, and I made the decision to follow this road. My first major film in London was Alien with Jerry Goldsmith. Since my move to Los Angeles in March 1985, I've performed on just under 1,200 feature films - not counting television movies or records!

What was the best experience you've had? I've had so many great moments in all different genres of recording, it would be very difficult to name a favorite; from Sinatra to Streisand, Mancini to Williams, Mauceri to Boulez.

Without naming names or titles, what is the worst situation you've ever had at a session, and why? I've encountered so many horrible moments in all different genres of recording, it would be very difficult to name a "best nightmare". Sometimes it was due to inept artistic production, other times to an incompetent conductor. Rare moments also included some seriously sub-standard performances by fellow musicians, which made you want to crawl into a hole out of embarrassment for them!

What are you working on now? I'm working with Bill Ross on a motion picture called September Dawn. Sunday is a solo violin and cello day, and Tuesday and Wednesday are orchestral scoring.

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