These companies are the ones responsible for producing the soundtracks and other pieces of music that you find in stores and at some on-line merchants. If you can't find it at a retailer, try going to the source. This is also a good source to find out who's releasing what soundtrack.
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Manufacturers - B

B Original
Ba-Umf Produktion
Bacci Bros Records
Back Lot Music
Bad Boy
Bad Haircut
BAG Production
Balthazar Music
Banana Stand Records
Barbarella Recordings
Barking Mad Productions
Barsuk Records
Basiscape Records
Basta Audio/Visuals
Bathing Suit Music
Bavaria Sonor Mediathek
Bawn Media
Bay Cities
Bayard Musique
BBC Legends
BBC Records
BBC Worldwide
BCore Disc
Beanca Films
Bear Family
Beat Records
Because Music
Bedroom Classics
Bedroom Community
BeesWax Records
Beggars Group
Bela Records
Believe Digital
Believe Limited
Believe Recordings
Believe Special MarKeting
Bella Casa
Bella Note
Bellchant Records
Bellevue Entertainment
Bellwether Records
Bethesda Softworks
Beverly Hills Recrords
Beyond Music / Tommy Boy
Beyond Pictures
BFD Records
BFM Digital
BH Music
Big Beat
Big Eye / Flynn Entertainment
Big Machine Records
Big Rooster Records
Big Screen Records
Big Sky Song
Big Sounds International
Bixio Music Group
Black Butter
Black Coffee
Black Records UK
Black Screen Records
Black Widow Records
Blackbird Media
Blackest Ever Black
Blackest Rainbow
Blackstrobe Records
Blast Stage Records
Blind Magic
Blingnot Media
Blue Artists
Blue Corn Music
Blue Focus Management
Blue Key Music
Blue Moon
Blue Note Records
Blue Pearls Music
Blue Pie Records
Blue Planet
Blue Soup Records
Blue Trail Entertainment
Blue Underground
Bluestone Symphonics
Bob Films Music
Bobby Music
Boiling Sky Entertainment
Bold Records
Bon Factory
Bonded Records
Bongos of Domani
Bonne Pioche Music
Bonsai Music
Bonsound Records
Boogaloo Music
Born Bad Records
Bottle Imp
Boundee Japan
Box Productions
Brave Wave
Breadbox Productions
Breakwater Studios
Brilliance Films
Bring Me Home
Broadway Records
Broken Audio
Bruit Blanc
Brushfire Records
BSO Classics
BSX Records
Bucks Music Group
Buena Vista Records
Buenos Tiempos
Bulletproof Entertainment
Bungalo Records
Bungie Music
Bureau B
Busch Media Group
Butterfly Records
BYU Film Music Archives
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