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All's Faire in Love

All's Faire in Love

Released: October 28, 2011

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Song Credits

  • "Magic"
    Performed By: Pilot
    Written by: David Paton, Billy Lyall
    Published by: Screen Gems - EMI Music Inc. (BMI)
    Courtesy of: EMI Records Ltd.
    Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
  • "Shamrock Bay"
    Performed by: The Torquays
    Written by: Steve Soest
    Published by: Shorebreak Music (BMI)
    Courtesy of: Shorebreak Music
  • "Something New"
    Performed by: Wretched Few
    Written by: Chris Wilkening
    Published by: Josh Muscatine Music (BMI)
  • "Soldier's Joy"
    Performed by: The Company I Keep
    Arrangement by: Stephen R. Phillips, William Gene MAxwell, Thomas Andrew Gay
    Published by McTown Music (ASCAP)
  • "McMinnville Breakdown"
    Performed by: The Company I Keep
    Written by: Samuel Lee Young, William Gene Maxwell, Thomas Andrew Gay
    Published by: McTown Music (ASCAP)
  • "Confessions"
    Performed by Julian Jackson
    Written, Arranged, & Produced by: Julian Jackson
    Published by: Jam Shack II Music (BMI)
    Courtesy of Jam Shack Productions
  • "All's Faire In Love"
    Performed by: Louise Griffiths
    Written by: Louise Griffiths, Chesney Hawkes, Keely Hawkes, Sean Alexander
    Published by: Duke Of York Music Publishing, Chesney Hawkes, Open Bar Music, Dawn Ridge Publishing (ASCAP)
  • You Bring Out The Best In Me" [sic]
    Performed By: Garrison Starr
    Written By: Garrison Starr, Nina Camps
    Published By: Cherry River Music Co., Lovepie Music, Superhero Music, Songs Of Media Creature (BMI)
  • "The Kazoo Fairgrounds"
    Performed by: The Tuneberries
    Written by: Joe Wolfe
    Published by: Jacala Music Publishing (BMI)
    Courtesy of: Jacala Music Group
  • "Dream"
    Performed by: Forest For The Trees
    Written by: Jaspr Baj, Kevin Krakower, Carl Stephenson
    Published by: Universal Music - MGB Songs, Multisongs, Funky Toe Publishing (ASCAP), Artryst (SESAC), Ratner Music / EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI)
    Courtesy of: Universal Music Enterprises
  • --end left column 1, start right column 2--
  • "Score"
    Performed by: Rachel Bradshaw
    Written by: Rachel Bradshaw, Bobby Huff, Shane Minor
    Published by Coburn Music Inc. (BMI)
    Courtesy of: Ten Ten Music Group, Inc.
  • "Midsummer Morning"
    Performed: By Kevin G. Lee [sic]
    Written by: Kevin G. Lee
    Published by: Endurent Music, Kevin G. Lee (ASCAP)
  • "Maggie"
    Performed by: Scott Marshall
    Written by: Scott Marshall
    Published by: Scott Marshall
  • "Little Willy"
    Performed by: Sweet
    Written by: Michael Donald Chapman, Nicholas Barry Chinn
    Published by: Universal Music - MGB Songs (ASCAP)
    Courtesy of: Capitol Records
    under license from EMI Film & Television Music / Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Limited
  • "Made To Love"
    Performed by TobyMac
    Written by: Toby McKeehan, Cary Barlowe, Aaron Rice, Jamie Moore
    Published by: Achtober Songs (BMI), Emack Music, Lowe Bar Music, Rizzle Music, Meadowgreen Music (ASCAP)
    Courtesy of: Forefront Records
    under license from EMI Film & Television Music
  • "Pure Gold and Honest"
    Performed by: Jabe
    Written by: Jabe Beyer
    Published by: Yellow Brick Toad Music, Endire Music (SESAC)
  • "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"
    Performed by: Funktopia
    Written by: Robert Clivilles, Frederick Williams
    Produced by: Jerry Deaton
    Published by: WB Music Corp. c/o Warner Chappell Music Inc., Spirit Two Music Inc. o/b/o ITS Music Publishing B.V. (ASCAP)
    Courtesy of: Perfect Imperfect Productions
  • "I'll Tell My Ma"
    Performed by: The Bawdy Boys
    Arranged & Published by: Duke of York Music Publishing
  • "This Giraffe"
    Performed by: Owen Benjamin
    Written by: Owen Benjamin
    Published by: Duke Of York Music Publishing
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