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California Solo

California Solo

Released: November 30, 2012


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Song Credits

  • "All Over Again"
    Written by Jimmy Lee Lindsay Jr. (ASCAP)
    Performed by Jay Reatard
    Courtesy of Jay Reatard LLC, 2008
    Published by Third Side America obo REATARDMUSIC
  • "Momma's Crazy"
    Written by Andrew T. Hunt
    Performed by Andrew T. Hunt
    Courtesy of sonaBLAST! Records LLC
    Published by sonaBLAST! Songs, LLC (ASCAP) / Funeral Pyre Music (ASCAP)
  • "Spaceball Ricochet"
    Written by Marc Bolan
    Performed by T-Rex
    Courtesy of Spirit Music Group, Inc.
    Published by Spirit One Music o/b/o Spirit Services Holdings, S..r.l.
  • "Throne"
    Written by Benjamin Howard Smith, Nick Heller, Robert Russell
    Performed by The Brought Low
    From The album Third Record, catalog# SS-102
    Courtesy of Small Stone Records
    Published by Middle May Music (BMI)
  • "Steal Your Thunder"
    Written by The Broken Spurs
    Performed by The Broken Spurs
    Courtesy of sonaBLAST! Records LLC
    Published by muluBLAST! (SESAC)/ Adam Kramer Songs/Hooklineandsinger/ Chris Croxton Songs (SESAC)
    By Arrangement with Ghost Town, Inc.
  • "Flying Up A Mountain"
    Written by John Petkovic
    Performed by Sweet Apple
    Courtesy of Teepee Records
    By Arrangement with Bank Robber Music
  • "California Solo"
    Written by Adam Franklin
    Performed by Adam Franklin and Robert Carlyle
    Courtesy of Adam Franklin/Copyright Control
  • "Could You Stand to Know"
    Written by Violens
    Performed by Violens
    Courtesy of Black Mirror Music
  • "Champagne and Peaches"
    Written by Cory Wayne Phelps, Stuart Phelps, Christopher R. Snow, Zachary O'Renick
    Performed by Nerves Junior
    Courtesy of sonaBLAST! Records LLC
    Published by sonaBLAST! Songs, LLC (ASCAP)
    By Arrangement with Ghost Town Inc
  • "The Only One I Know"
    Written by Martin Victor Blunt, Robert James Collins, Timothy Burgess, Jon Brookes & Jon Baker
    Performed by The Charlatans
    Courtesy of Warner/Chappell Music Ltd
    Copyright Warner/Chappell Music Ltd (PRS)
    All Rights Reserved
  • "Gideon"
    Written by Adrian Blackburn, Brian Campbell, Jonathan Hartley & Carl Turney
    Performed by Clinic
    Courtesy of Domino Recording Company
  • "Requiem Aeternam from Requiem in D Minor"
    Written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Courtesy of APM Music, LLC
    Published by Sonoton APM (ASCAP)
  • "She Was Never Mine to Lose"
    Written by Tommy Strange & Bobbye Strange
    Performed by Tommy Strange
    Courtesy of Fervor Records Vintage Masters, a division of Wild Whirled Music
    Published by Renda Music, Administered by Mighty Music (BMI)
  • "Wind or Hymn"
    Written by Keith Kelly, Jared Apuzzo, Michael Falotico
    Performed by Monogold
    Courtesy of Monogold
  • "California Solo" (Reprise)
    Written by Adam Franklin
    Performed by T. Griffin
    Courtesy of Adam Franklin/Copyright Control
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