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The Honor List

The Honor List

Released: May 11, 2018

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Song Credits

  • "Carried"
    Performed By: Dana Williams
    Written and Produced By: Michael Yezerski
  • "Alone"
    Performed By: Billy Lockett
    Written By: Billy Lockett
    Courtesy Of: Warner Music UK Ltd.
  • "Invitation To The Dance"
    Written By: Carl Von Weber
    Arranged By: Fiachra Trench and Elaine Barry
    Courtesy Of: APM Music
  • "Air Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major"
    Written By: Johann Sebastian Bach
    Courtesy Of: APM Music
  • "I'm Not Ready For Love"
    Performed By: Promise
    Written By: Skip Mahoaney, James Purdie
    Courtesy Of: The Numero Group By Arrangement With Bank Robber Music
  • "Sad Song"
    Performed By: Lara Andersson
    Written By: Lara Andersson
  • "Up The River"
    Performed By: The Echo Oh's
    Written By: G. Nicoll / V. Ormond
    Courtesy Of: The Echo Oh's
  • "I Don't Want To Be Too Cool"
    Performed By: Kate Fagan
    Written By: Katherine Fagan
    Courtesy Of: Captured Tracks, LLC. By Arrangement With Low Profile, LLC
  • "One In A Million"
    Performed By: TVĹ
    Written By: Lara Andersson
    Courtesy Of: One Two Many Records
  • "Pizza Siciliana"
    Performed By: Officine Golob
    Written By: Carlo Colombo
    Courtesy Of: Crucial Music Corporation
  • "Low Tide"
    Performed By: Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir
    Written By: Ruth Roshan
    Courtesy Of: Crucial Music Corporation
  • "Let's Go"
    Performed By: The Cactus Boys
    Written By: John Michael Bell
    Courtesy Of: Lip Sync Music, Inc.
  • "Get It Started"
    Performed By: Juliet & The X's
    Written By: Arlo Lake
    Courtesy Of: Position Music
  • "Even In The Darkness"
    Performed By: Louis Baker
    Written By: Louis James Baker
    Courtesy Of: Aston Road Management
  • "Blowin' Smoke"
    Performed By: Nikki Yanofsky
    Written By: Nikki Yanofsky, Andrew Dawson, and Noah Conrad
    Courtesy Of: A440 Entertainment, Inc.
  • "Because Of You"
    Performed By: Phonat
    Written By: Michele Balduzzi, Michael Scholl, and James Hopcutt
    Courtesy Of: Ninja Tune o/b/o MofoHifi Records
  • "Sugar Candy Supernova (original mix)"
    Performed By: The Young Punx
    Written By: Henry Ritson, Laura Kid
    Courtesy Of: Ninja Tune o/b/o MofoHifi Records
  • "Own It feat. Faith Vernon"
    Performed By: DAAAM!!!
    Written By: Faith Holgate, and Chris Hall
    Courtesy Of: Ninja Tune
  • "Shoulders"
    Performed By: Fazerdaze
    Written By: Amelia Murray
    Courtesy Of: Flying Nun Records By Arrangement With Lo-Fi Music & Bank Robber Music
  • "Tangled"
    Performed By: Portal 2Xtacy
    Written By: Jófríđur Ákadóttir
    Courtesy Of: Kaiku Studios Berlin
  • "Morrisette's Cheer"
    Written and Produced By: Michael Yezerski
  • "Dance Cookie"
    Written By: Louis Edwards, Cotton Club, and Henry Richard Parsley
    Courtesy Of: APM Music
  • "Cheering In The Name Of"
    Performed By: Cast and Ben McLain
    Written and Produced By: Michael Yezerski
  • "No Heaven"
    Performed By: Champion
    Written By: Maxime Morin
    Courtesy Of: Champion By Arrangement With Third Side Music
  • "Note"
    Performed By: Raffertie
    Written By: Benjamin Stefanski
    Courtesy Of: Ninja Tune
  • "Sugar Daddy"
    Performed By: The Du-Ettes
    Written By: A. Williams
    Courtesy Of: Think Music, Inc. & Secret Stash Records
  • "Let's Get Out Of Here"
    Performed By: Les Savy Fav
    Written By: Syd Butler; Tim Harrington; Harrison Haynes; Seth Jabour
    Courtesy Of: French Kiss Records By Arrangement With Lip Sync Music, Inc.
  • "Dust"
    Performed By: Lara Andersson and Michael Yezerski
    Written By: Michael Yezerski
    Courtesy Of: Defender Records
  • "All Hail"
    Performed By: Pins
    Written By: Faith Holgate, Lois Macdonald, Anna Donigan, Sophie Galpin, and Kyoko Rathmell
    Courtesy Of: Ninja Tune o/b/o PINS
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