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The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match

Released: March 11, 2016


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Song Credits

  • "My World"
    Written by Eric V. Hachikian, John Jennings Boyd, Frank Cogliano, James Logan
    Performed by Laughter for Tears
    Courtesy Of Soundcat Productions
  • "Tonight It's You"
    Written by Blake Andrew JonesRodgers & Aydin Aliyev
    Performed by
    Blake Andrew
    Courtesy of True Music
  • "El Quatro"
    Written by Hans Haider
    Performed by Studio Musicians
    Courtesy of APM Music
  • "Make You Feel"
    Written and Performed by Alina Baraz and Galimatias
    Courtesy of Ultra Records
  • "Ain't Worried About Nothin'"
    Written by Karim Kharbouch, Rico Love, Earl Hood, Eric Goudy
    Performed by French Montana
    Courtesy of Bad Boy Records & Interscope Records
  • "Lucky Night"
    Written by Wallace McLoyd
    Performed by B Double E
    Courtesy of Gravelpit Music
  • "Never Wanted to Love You"
    Written by Dylan Chambers, Dam Barsh and Charlie Bethel
    Performed by Van Ike
    Courtesy of Gravelpit Music
  • "Hopes Up"
    Written by Na'el Shehade and Via Rosa and David Leo
    Performed by Drama Duo
    Courtesy of TuneCore
  • "They Know I'm Trill"
    by James John Desmond, Panauh Kalayeh, Louis Summervile, John Peter Eugenio
    Performed by Lou U
    Courtesy of Selectracks Inc./BMG
  • "Tropicana"
    Written by Marcello De Angelis
    Performed by Dynamic Music
    Courtesy of Selectracks Inc. / BMG
  • "Dub Sty-lee"
    by Chris B. Taylor and Kurt W. Farquhar
    Performed by The Glove
    Courtesy of True Music
  • "Green-Eyed Jazz"
    Written by Marc Bonilla, Michael C. Mason, Martin Davich, Joseph Singer
    Performed by
    M.A.D Music
    Courtesy of True Music
  • "Opportunity"
    Written by Brandon N. Caddell, Darion Dean, Gabriel Blizman
    Performed by Darion Ja'Von
    Courtesy of BNCEG, LLC
  • "Off The Ground"
    Written by Brandon Paak Anderson and Matthew Louis Merisola
    Performed by Anderson.Paak
    Courtesy of OBE and Steel Wool
    by special arrangement with Bleed 101
  • "Hood Pass Intact"
    Written by Damon Riddick
  • "What You Wanted"
    Written by Thomas Kress and Michael Silver
    Performed by How to Dress Well
    Courtesy of Domino Recording Company Ltd.
  • "Player"
    Written by Chloe Angelides, Lukas Loules, Alexander Kronlund, Tinashe Kachingwe
    Performed by Tinashe
    Courtesy of RCA Records
    By Arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment
  • "Le Desir"
    Written by Gilles Douieb and Jacques Leon Mercier
    Courtesy of FirstCom Music
  • "Addicted"
    Written by Yancy Deron, Jacob Quetant-Slatton, Kurt W. Farquhar
    Performed by Yancy
    Courtesy of True Music
  • "Too Late"
    Written by Brandon N. Caddell, Darion Dean, Gabriel Blizman, Adam Piccoli, Avery Gunn and Daniel Dean
    Performed by Darion Ja'Von
    Courtesy of BNCEG, LLC
  • "Bassrun"
    Written by Frank Novon, Jim Harbourg, Peter Bento
    Performed by Studio Musicians
    Courtesy of APM Music
  • "Lovedrug"
    Written by Johnny Stimson, Michael Laine Cheever and Ian Pai
    Performed by Johnny Stimson
    Courtesy of Secret Road Music Services, Inc.
  • "A Wonderful Year"
    Written by Kristopher Flagg, Sayad Nazeri, Skinny Williams
    Courtesy of FirstCom Music
  • "Not Your Gurl"
    Written by Chris B. Taylor, Amy Correa, and Kurt W. Farquhar
    Performed by Amy Bell
    Courtesy of True Music
  • "Love O'Clock"
    Written by Desmond Powell, Joelle James and Eric Johnson
    Performed by Phaedra
    Courtesy of Artist Live Records
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