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The Sitter

The Sitter

Released: December 9, 2011


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Song Credits

  • "I Wanna Sex You Up"
    Written by Bryan Abrams, Mark Calderon, Willie James Clarke, Bessie Regina Norris,
    Elliott Straite, Kevin Thornton and Samuel Watters
    Performed by Color Me Badd.
    Guest Vocals by Sam Watters
    Courtesy of Sam Watters and Louis Biancaniello/CMB Entertalnm.nt
  • "Children's Story"
    Written by Ricky Walters
    Performed by Slick Rick
    Courtesy of The Island Dof Jam Music Group
    Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
  • "American Anthem"
    Written by Alan Silvestri
    Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  • "I Come In Peace"
    Written and Performed by Jan Hammer
  • "Gucci Gucci"
    Written by Natassia Gail Zolot, Anthony David Negrete and Michael Kenneth Weiner
    Performed by Kreayshawn
    Courtesy of Columbia Records
    By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
  • "Runnin'"
    Written by TreVant Jermaine Hardson, Romye Robinson, Derrick Lemel Stewart, Emandu Imani Wilcox, James Yancy, Luiz F. Bonfa and Maria Helena De Toldeo Shermont
    Performed by The Pharcyde
    Courtesy of Delicious Vinyl
  • "Soul Groove"
    Written by Terry Devine-King
    Courtesy of 5 Alarm Music
  • "Something's Gotta Give"
    Written by Johnny Mercer
  • "Apache"
    Written by Jeremiah Patrick Lordan
    Performed by Sugarhlll Gang
    Courtesy of Rhino Entertainment Company
    By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing/Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
    Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
  • "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"
    Written and Performed by Rupert Holmes
    Courtesy of Geffen Records
    Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
  • "Dove Sono - From The Marriage Of Figaro"
    Written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Courtesy of Countdown Media
    by agreement with Maryatt Music Group, Inc.
  • "Rubber Lover"
    Written by Elise Malmberg
    Performed by Bleep
    Courtesy of Clubbo Music
  • "Hoochie Mama"
    Written by David Hobbs, Mark Ross, Chris Wong Won and Luther Roderick Campbell
    Performed by 2 Live Crew
    Courtesy of Lil' Joe Records Inc.
  • "Good As It Seems"
    Written and Performed by Stephen Boyd
    Courtesy of 5 Alarm Music
  • "Workin' It Out"
    Written and Performed by David Wingo
  • "Let The Feeling Begin"
    Written by Arthur Nix
    Performed by The Steam Machine
    Courtesy of Fervor Records,
    a division of Wild Whirled Music
  • "First Look"
    Written by Greg Wall
    Performed by Hasidic New Wave
  • "Hava Nagila"
    Arranged by Greg Wall
    Performed by Greg Wall and the Simcha All-Stars
  • "Subway Song"
    Written by David Wingo
    Performed by Raphael Saadiq
    Raphael Saadiq Performs
    Courtesy of Columbia Records
  • "Ski Baby Ski"
    Written by Elise Malmberg and Joe Gore
    Performed by Ava and the Avalanches
    Courtesy of Clubbo Music
  • "Scorpion"
    Written by Shawn Lee
    Courtesy of Ubiquity Recordings, Inc.
  • "Because I Got It Like That (Ultimatium Mix)"
    Written by Jeff Lynne, Nathaniel Hall, Michael Small
    Performed by The Jungle Brothers
    Courtesy of Phase One Communications/Warlock Records
  • "Pulling Up"
    Written and Performed by Jeff McIlwain
  • When We In The House [sic]
    Written by Martell Ellis and Felix J. Rovira
    Performed by Blahzay Blahzay
  • "Creepin'"
    Written by Grant Dekernion
    Performed by FBruce
  • "Where It All Started (Featuring DJ DNA)"
    Written by M. Campbell
    Performed by Ohmega Watts
    Courtesy of Ubiquity Records
    By arrangement with Sugaroo!
  • "Moving Out"
    Written and Performed by Jeff McIlwain
  • "Go Outside"
    Written by Ryan Michael Mattos and Madeline Follin Mckenna
    Performed by Cults
    Courtesy of Columbia Records
    By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
  • "Cocaine Blues"
    Written by Lester Randall Bullock
    Performed by Escort
    Courtesy of Escort Records & Blue Mountain Music LTD.
  • "Boom Ha"
    Written by Peter Emes, Mandeep Ubhi, Shadrach Kabnago and Michael Grimes
    Performed by Small Town Romeo feat. Shad K
    Courtesy of Plant Music
    By arrangement with Sugaroo!
  • "Come On"
    Written by Greg O. Mays and Darryl and Otis Barnes
    Performed by Nice & Smooth
    Courtesy of Nice and Smooth Music
    administered by The Clyde Otis Music Group, Inc.
  • "Just A Friend"
    Written by Marcel Theo Hall
    Performed by Biz Markie
    Courtesy of CAK Music, Inc.
  • "Sometimes"
    Written by Robert Ozuna and Raphael Saadiq
    Performed by Raphael Saadiq
    Courtesy of Columbia Records
    By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
  • "Need Some Bad"
    Written by Richard Walters and C.E. Martin
    Performed by Slick Rick
    Produced by DJ Premier
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