DirectSong has announced the upcoming soundtrack release for ArenaNet\'s latest entry into the Guild Wars saga, Guild Wars: Eye of the North. The official soundtrack for Guild Wars: Eye of the North (GW:EN) features over 60 minutes of original music and will be available for high quality download at

\"Composer Jeremy Soule has gone back to his Guild Wars roots and written a score that may very well be the most epic and engaging musical chapter in Guild Wars to date!\" said Jeron Moore, VP of Marketing and Sales, DirectSong.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North is the first ever expansion to the subscription-free Guild Wars franchise of fantasy online role playing games, which will be released to the public on August 31, 2007. This expansion will provide new content accessible to players who have any of the previously released Guild Wars campaigns (Guild Wars, Guild Wars: Factions, or Guild Wars: Nightfall).

For more information on the Guild Wars franchise, visit the official website at

As originally written in conjunction with Music4Games.Net, Greg O\'Connor and Jayson Napolitano