Emmy award-winning composer Laura Karpman (Steven Spielberg\'s TAKEN), will conduct the second "Games In Concert" (www.gamesinconcert.nl) event in Holland featuring live symphony orchestral performances of popular video game music scores. The concert will be performed by the Metropole Orchestra and PA\'dam Choir (www.metropoleorkest.nl) at the Music Centre Vredenburg Utrecht (www.vredenburg.nl) in The Netherlands on 8th December, 2007.

Some of the orchestral arrangements scheduled to be performed during "Games In Concert 2" include: Final Fantasy, Grandia II, Halo, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Max Payne, Shadow of the Colossus, Soul Calibur 2, Super Mario Bros., Star Fox, StarCraft, Tetris and Unreal Tournament, as well as Laura Karpman\'s epic orchestral/choral scores for Sony Online Entertainment\'s EverQuest II and Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom.

"It\'s so inspiring to be a part of this performance. I believe that games are a terrific way for audiences to hear and experience serious music," said Laura Karpman. "The sheer number of hours alone that people are listening and engaging with orchestral music is hugely exciting and encouraging about the future of the art form."

Karpman\'s fantasy score for Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom won PLAY Magazine\'s (US) 2006 Best Original Soundtrack of the Year Award. The score was originally recorded in Prague with the FILMharmonic Orchestra and Choir, with Karpman conducting. The lyrics sung by the choir were adapted by Karpman from portions of the medieval poetry text "William Wallace" in Middle Scots - the literary source for the legend of "Braveheart" - and woven into the score to complement the game\'s intriguing narrative and dramatic storyline.

In 2005 Karpman received a Game Audio Network (G.A.N.G.) award for her EverQuest II video game music, which has been performed by orchestras internationally including the "GC" Symphonic Game Music Concert in Germany, "Joystiq" in Sweden and "Video Games Live" at the Hollywood Bowl in North America. Karpman most recently contributed additional music to Clive Barker\'s Jericho and the bonus material for Halo 3. For more information visit: www.laurakarpman.com.