Acclaimed New John Sayles Film Spotlights \'50s Rural Blues with Rhino\'s Soundtrack Featuring New Tracks from Ruth Brown, Keb\' Mo\', Mable John, Danny Glover and Guitar Phenom Gary Clark, Jr., Plus Classics From Memphis Slim, Hank Williams and Lil Green

Available from Rhino Records February 5

LOS ANGELES—\"Honeydripper,\" the acclaimed new film written, directed and edited by John Sayles, revisits the genesis of rock \'n\' roll—namely \'50s rural blues from the Deep South. The story depicts a second chance for an aging bluesman, the kickoff to a young guitar turk\'s career and the rise of rock \'n\' roll itself. The movie features an all-star cast including Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Stacy Keach, Mary Steenburgen, Yaya DeCosta and Sean Patrick Thomas.

Opening in New York and Los Angeles December 28 and nationally in January and February, the soundtrack to this blues music-themed period film includes new songs by Keb\' Mo\', Mable John and guitar phenom Gary Clark, Jr., who appears in the film as well. The album also contains a new song by the incomparable Ruth Brown, the last recorded before her death in 2006. Rhino Records will release the soundtrack February 5, which will be available in stores and online at for a suggested list price of $18.98.

The 15-song soundtrack features Stax Records veteran Mable John (\"No Matter How She Done It\") along with legendary artists Memphis Slim (\"Bertha May\") and Lil Green (\"Why Don\'t You Do Right?),\" as well as actor Danny Glover performing \"Goin\' Down Slow.\" The film introduces actor/musician Gary Clark Jr., about whom Texas Music Magazine wrote, \"Probably the most talented Texas guitarist since a certain SRV.\" The soundtrack showcases his fiery fretwork on \"Good Rockin\' Tonight,\" \"China Doll\" and \"Blue Light Boogie.\"

Set in rural Alabama in 1950, Honeydripper spotlights a make-or-break weekend for the Honeydripper Lounge and its beleaguered owner, piano player Tyrone \"Pine Top\" Purvis (Glover). Deep in dept, Purvis hires famous electric guitar player Guitar Sam to play a one-night gig and save the club.

On the day of the show, the train arrives and Guitar Sam is nowhere to be found. Purvis is forced to take action. He makes a deal with Sheriff Pugh to release Sonny (Clark), a kid who hopped off a freight car in Harmony, and turned up in the club claiming he could play the guitar as well as any Guitar Sam. Purvis cleans Sonny up and launches a scheme to pass off the young guitar picker as Guitar Sam just long enough to cut the lights and run off with cash box. When Sonny takes the stage and launches into his first scalding electric licks, Purvis will learn if it\'s lights out for the Honeydripper, or if his luck has changed: he might just be another man saved by rock \'n\' roll.


Track Listing

1. \"Honeydripper Lounge\" The Aces Of Spade

2. \"Tall Cotton\" Mason Daring, Frank Gallagher, Tim Jackson & Mike Turk

3. \"No Matter How She Done It\" Mable John

4. \"Standing By The Highway\" New Beginnings Ministry

5. \"Move It On Over\" Hank Williams

6. \"Why Don\'t You Do Right? (Get Me Some Money, Too!)\" Lil Green

7. \"Stack O Lee\" Keb\' Mo\'

8. \"You Got To Choose\" New Beginnings Ministry

9. \"Goin\' Down Slow\" Danny Glover

10. \"Bertha May\" Memphis Slim

11. \"Good Rockin\' Tonight\" Gary Clark, Jr.

12. \"China Doll\" Gary Clark, Jr.

13. \"Blue Light Boogie\" Gary Clark, Jr.

14. \"Music Keeps Rollin\' On\" Barrence Whitfield

15. \"Things About Coming My Way\" Ruth Brown

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