*The Centenary of film music* will be celebrated throughout the year 2008 and until 2009 on the initiative of the French organization *UCMF *(Union of Film Music Composers).

All the official events of the centennial will be held under the eminent patronage of *Mr.* *Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic.*

*Camille Saint-Saëns *(1835-1921)* *was* *the first major composer who wrote music specifically for the cinema: in 1908 for the film L’ASSASSINAT DU DUC DE GUISE (aka The Assassination of the Duke de Guise) directed by André Calmettes and Charles Le Bargy of the prestigious Comédie Française.

The film, written by the academic Henri Lavedan and produced by Le Film d\'Art (released by Pathé), was first shown at the Salle Charras in Paris on *17 November 1908*. It received considerable international attention.

Like the Centenary of cinema, the UCMF wants to celebrate this event surrounded by numerous institutional partners in a \"Centennial Committee of Film Music\" to make this year a great anniversary celebration of cinema and music for the movies, all to be transmitted around the world.

An Advisory Committee will also meet the prominent scholars of film music who are to oversee all projects defined by the Centennial Committee.

Many public organizations have already agreed to support or participate with the UCMF on this \"Centennial Committee of Film Music\" those of which include the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, CNC, the Federation of Film & Audiovisual Composers of Europe (FFACE), the Foundation Pathé, SACEM, SACD, ADAMI, CISAC, DMDTS, INA, Radio France, SPEDIDAM, BNF, to name just a few.