Douglas Romayne presents \"Directing the Composer: A Workshop for Filmmakers,\" an informative and entertaining look at the scoring process. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23, 2nd level of the Main Street Mall (333 Main Street - across the street from the Egyptian Theater), following the BMI @ Sundance Roundtable Discussion (Kimball Art Center).

  The workshop originated when Oxford International Film Festival program director JC Schroder invited Romayne to be honored at his festival. Rather than discuss his work scoring film and television, he interviewed filmmakers about their experiences working with composers. Overwhelmingly, they found communicating ideas with composers difficult, so Romayne crafted a presentation that begins where every film begins – with the common language of drama. About the workshop, JC said, \"He was able to touch on material about the Director-Composer relationship that you just can\'t hear elsewhere.\" Jon Gustafsson added, \"Sitting in his workshop made me wonder why we didn’t have a class like this in film school.\" John Putch found it to be \"the missing link from most college curriculums.\"

  In addition to the workshop, PCFMF is screening 5 films scored by Romayne – Rocketboy, Entity: Nine, Freedomland, Beyond the Silence and Shelter – each nominated for Best Use of Music in a Short Film.  The films scores are available on \"Expressing the Inexpressible\" declared \"a fabulous demonstration of Romayne’s ability…highly recommended\" by Film Score Monthly.

Two years after graduating from USC’s film scoring program, Romayne was hired to score Joss Whedon’s acclaimed series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  He has scored 8 seasons of television, including Angel, Miracles, Duck Dodgers and Day Break, and 25 films since that time. Awards include: nomination Best Music for a Short Film by The Film & TV Music Academy, nomination Best Use of Music in a Short Film by PCFMF, recipient BMI Film Scoring Scholarship, and co-composer on Duck Dodgers, Annie Award winner for Outstanding Achievement in Music in an Animated Television Production. He continues to score film, television and new media, as well as orchestrating and arranging out of his studio in Los Angeles.

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