Her recent project “The State Within” nominated for Two Golden Globes

(Hollywood, CA) Multiple award-winning composer Jennie Muskett departs from her action and dramatic scores for \"Spooks MI-5\" and \"The State Within\" to set a romantic yet dramatic tone to \"Miss Austen Regrets,\" based on Jane Austen’s own letters and diaries. \"Miss Austen Regrets\" will be presented by PBS’ *Masterpiece Theatre on February 3rd. The feature is a co-production of BBC and WGBH. The critically acclaimed mini-series \"The State Within,\" also featuring Muskett’s score, is currently nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. The score albums for both \"The State Within\" and \"Miss Austen Regrets\" will be released by Nicabella Records in February.

Based on the life and letters of Jane Austen, \"Miss Austen Regrets\" tells the story of the novelist\'s final years. The drama provides an insight into Austen\'s own romantic life, examining why, despite setting the standard for romantic fiction, she died having never married or met her own Mr Darcy. Jennie Musket incorporated a full London orchestra to perform her score.

Widely recognized for her musical contributions, Muskett’s score for the hit BBC series \"Spooks (MI-5)\" earned her two BAFTA nominations. Her trademark theme for \"Spooks (MI-5)\" clearly identifies this popular program. In addition, Muskett has scored projects for Miramax, Paramount, Disney, Discovery, IMAX, and the BBC. Over the past two years the British composer has made her mark in Hollywood with scores for \"Material Girls,\" starring Hilary Duff and Anjelica Huston and \"The Prince and Me,\" directed by Martha Coolidge. \"Her music was literally a revelation,\" said Coolidge.

Jennie Muskett studied at the prestigious Royal College of Music in London followed by a career as a cellist, playing for notable UK orchestras. Her composing career began when she was invited to write the music for a natural history documentary which spurred further commissions. Muskett’s passion for the environment and the natural world inspires a unique and diverse ethnicity in her scores. Inevitably, Muskett’s documentary work has received worldwide praise, winning her two Emmy’s for \"Best Outstanding Original Score\" and five Emmy nominations. Muskett’s film credits include \"Material Girls,\" \"The Prince and Me,\" \"Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe,\" \"Mr. In-Between,\" \"Boxed,\" and \"The Secrets of Life on Earth.\"