THE BIONIC WOMAN Episodic Collection

featuring full original soundtrack recordings for various episodes of the series scored by Mr. Harnell.


THE BIONIC WOMAN Episodic Collection Vol. 1

Music from Kill Oscar Parts 1 & 3

Original Music from The TV Series

Music by Joe Harnell

$19.95 ea.

LIMITED TO 1000 FACTORY PRODUCED CDS presents this exclusive release of THE BIONIC WOMAN: KILL OSCAR PARTS 1 and 3, featuring music composed and conducted by Joe Harnell for the 1970\'s cult television show, THE BIONIC WOMAN, created and developed by Kenneth Johnson (THE BIONIC MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, V) and starring Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, Ford Rainey, Martha Scott and Jennifer Darling.

Produced during the second season of THE BIONIC WOMAN, KILL OSCAR was an epic three-part story that began in THE BIONIC WOMAN, crossed over to THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and concluded on THE BIONIC WOMAN, which was very rare for genre shows produced at that time. Long considered a favorite story by fans of the show, KILL OSCAR finds Jaime Sommers fighting evil female robots called Fembots who are part of an evil scheme by Dr. Franklin to kidnap OSI Chief Oscar Goldman and obtain an experimental weather control device. The great John Houseman guest-starred in the three-part story as the nefarious Dr. Franklin. At the end of the first part, Jaime lay near death and the story crossed over to THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, where the duty fell to Steve Austin (Lee Majors) to join the struggle against Dr. Franklin and his Fembots. And in the third and final part of KILL OSCAR, Jaime joins forces with Steve Austin to capture Dr. Franklin on his island while his weather machine cooks up a fierce tropical storm around them.

Joe Harnell has been nominated for an Emmy Award on three occasions for Best Dramatic Score. During his career, Harnell composed over 400 hours of original music for motion pictures and television. His scores for THE BIONIC WOMAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK heavily influenced the scoring of all Universal television programs in the late 1970\'s. His scores used a traditional orchestral approach (influenced by his Jazz roots) using a 32 piece orchestra. He frequently conducted scores from the piano during recording sessions and he performed all the piano and keyboard solos in all of his scores. For these episodes of THE BIONIC WOMAN, he also used some early electronic keyboards to emphasize the sci-fi aspects of the show.