The 2008 Goya Award-winning spanish composer brings some interesting news to Ubeda

One of the most celebrated composers in the last edition of the International Film Music Conference \"City of Úbeda,\" is going to attend this year\'s event to be held from 10 to 13 July, 2008.

Roque Baños is one of the most outstanding film composers in the Spanish film industry. He is the latest winner of the 2008 Goya award for his superb score for the motion picture Las Trece Rosas (Thirteen Roses), which marks his fifth collaboration, after the success of La Voz de su Amo (His Master\'s Voice), Al Otro Lado de la Cama (The Other Side of the Bed) and its sequel, with spanish director Emilio Martinez Lazaro.

Roque Baños\' music became, furthermore, one of the highlights of 2007 concert in the Courtyard of the Hospital of Santiago at the 3rd edition of the Conference. The amazing performance of an exclusive, never-before-heard suite from his score for Alatriste (conducted by the composer himself), deserved a big and prolonged round of applause from the audience.

Presently, Roque Baños has discussed with the organization and confirmed that he is preparing a big surprise for all the fans who decide come to meet him in the 4th Conference this year in Úbeda. Another prominent composer to join the ranks of Bruce Broughton (president of Honour), Fernando Velazquez, John Scott, Patrick Doyle and Joel McNeely.

And this great composer is not the last of the guests that will be part of the Conference. During this final moments, we will introduce some more guests that never have been in the City of Ubeda. If somebody thinks that all the surprises have already been uncovered, they are wrong. Register and do not wait until somebody tells you about it!!

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