New This Week...  (5/25/00)

On The Beach   Varese 66153  15.99
A moving, powerful work from the composer of the television version of
"Moby Dick."  Rich string writing.  Submarine music is exciting,
Melbourne sequences haunting.  Final "Burial Cloud" sequence with full
chorus is especially moving.  Probably one of the finest television
scores written.

Any Given Sunday  RHCD 01 (Promo) 19.99
70 minute promo disc.  Unusual blend of sounds, samples, synths for
Oliver Stone football film.  Mostly very percussive kinetic music, some
used in movie, some not.

Running Free   Varese 66152  15.99
Orchestral score, much more dramatic than usual for Piovani.  Melodies
are pleasant if not particularly memorable.

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes  FSM  24.99
  -(72 minutes) Complete original score as heard in the film,
   plus the complete LP arrangements as a bonus-
Two albums on one disc.  The original LP as issued in 1970, with
Rosenman lacing his re-recorded score exerpts with dialogue highlights
between the score cues.  Also, the complete original stereo session
tracks as heard in the film.  Rosenman's music is challenging, atonal,

Mega Movies  Telarc 80535 (Cond Kunzel) 16.99
  -Armageddon/Godzilla/Phantom Menace/LA Confidential/etc-
Spectacular arrangements to familiar blockbusters like Mask Of Zorro,
Air Force One, Titanic and others, the standout being a fully orchestral
version of The Rock.  There are also 6 sound "mega sound" effects tracks
that are fortunately indexed separately.