- All the guest composers and film music professionals will participate in the program of parallel activities

- The venue of the lectures and panels of the II Tenerife International Film Music Festival will be CajaCanarias Conference Hall

Fimucité (Tenerife International Film Music Festival), one of the world\'s most important events devoted to the making of soundtracks, will offer from 23rd to 27th June an interesting program of conferences and panel discussions given by guest composers and other film music professionals invited to the festival this year.

The opening talk will be about \"Seventh Art Classic Scores\' Re-recordings for Varèse Sabande\", by music producer Robert Townson and the prestigious Joel McNeely, who has been in charge of recording for the label one of the most important soundtracks ever such as Vertigo, Jaws or Out of Africa.

The composers John Frizzell (The Reaping), Christopher Young (Spiderman 3), Ramin Djawadi (Iron Man) and Trevor Rabin (National Treasure) will give individual lectures in which they will let the audience know about their careers and latest works. The authors of Perfume: The History of a Murderer\'s scores Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek will explain their common work for the same project. Biscayan musician Fernando Velázquez, author of The Orphanage\'s music, will talk about his soundtracks creative experiences together with this successful film\'s scriptwriter Sergio Sánchez.

There will be a conference about \"The relationships between film studios and composers\" by Nancy Knutsen, Senior VP of ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), Doug Frank (Warner Bros.) and the agent Samuel Schwartz.

As to the different panels scheduled, they will be about subjects such as \"Soundtrack Record Labels\", \"The Composers agencies\", \"Soundtracks and Merchandising\" or \"Creating the Perfect Score\", with José María Benítez (JMB Records), Cheryl Tiano (The Gorfaine/ Schwartz Agency), Robert Messinger (First Artists Management), Richard Kraft and Laura Engel (Kraft and Engel Management) or Ray Costa (Costa Communications), amongst others.

The guest soundtrack critics Joan Padrol (Dirigido por), Conrado Xalabarder (Fotogramas), Miguel Fernando Ruiz de Villalobos (Imágenes de Actualidad) and Manuel Díaz Noda (\"De Cine\", Canal 6 Teidevisión), will participate in a panel discussion about their work.

Another important session is the one in charge of the Canarian composers Fernando Ortí (El The Heart of the Earth), Juan José Falcón Sanabria (Guarapo) and Diego Navarro (Óscar. The Color of destiny), who will talk about film music from a Canarian perspective.

Besides, as the Second Tenerife International Film Music Festival pays tribute to Stanley Kubrick\'s 2001: A Space Odyssey\'s fortieth anniversary, one of the sessions will be devoted to presenting a commemorative book edited by Fimucité, \"The music of 2001, a space odyssey\".

This parallel program is possible thanks to the special support of CajaCanarias, who provides the festival with the venue at which all the lectures and panels will be held. Fimucité 2008 is sponsored by Island Council, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council Culture Commission and the Canary Islands\' Government.

The complete details of the parallel program, whose activities are totally free for the audience, are as follows:

Monday 23rd

17:00 – Panel: Robert Townson and Joel McNeely talk about the recording sessions of classic movie scores.

18:30 – Book presentation: \"The music of \"2001, a space odyssey\".

19:30 – Panel: Canary Islands film composers talk about their work in the Spanish film industry. Diego Navarro, Fernando Ortí, Falcón Sanabria.

Tuesday 24th

17:00 – Panel: Soundtrack Record Labels, with Robert Townson (Varese Sarabande), Doug Frank (Warner Bros) and Fernando Rosado (JMB Records)

18:30 – Conference: Christopher Young.

19:30 – Conference: The relationship between composers and the studios. Samuel Schwartz & Doug Frank.

20:30 – Conference: John Frizzell.

Wednesday 25th

17:00 – Conference: Fernando Velázquez and Sergio Sánchez (The Orphanage)

18:00 – Conference: Nancy Knutsen talks about ASCAP

19:00 – Panel: The composer agencies, with Cheryl Tiano, Robert Messinger and Richard Kraft. Hosted by Doug Frank.

Thursday 26th

17:00 – Conference: Ramin Djawadi

18:15 – Panel: Soundtracks and merchandising, with Sam Schwartz, Ray Costa, Reinhold Heil, Nancy Knutsen, Robert Townson, Doug Frank, Fernando Velazquez and Joan Padrol. Hosted by Diego Navarro.

19:45 – Conference: Trevor Rabin.

20:45 – Panel with soundtrack critics: Joan Padrol, Conrado Xalabarder, Miguel Fernando Ruiz de Villalobos and Manuel Díaz Noda.

Friday 27th

17:00 – Panel: Creating the perfect score (from the contract to the final review), with Cheryl Tiano, Richard Kraft, Trevor Rabin, Ramin Djawadi, Ray Costa, Conrado Xalabarder and Jose María Benitez. Hosted by Doug Frank.

18:30 – Panel: Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil.