June 28, 2008. Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California offers a unique opportunity for fans of film scores, cinema and the film music business to meet seven exciting composers, two independent filmmakers, a legendary screenwriter and composer-authors on Saturday, June 28 at 2pm.

The composers on hand at the signing include two honored with the Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Film Music from the 2008 Park City Film Music Festival - Ryan Shore, signing CDs of his scores to Numb, Coney Island Baby, Kettle of Fish, Headspace, Nazi Smasher and Vulgar, and Douglas Romayne, known for scoring \"Buffy the Vampire Slayer\" and \"Angel,\" signing Expressing the Inexpressible, a compilation CD of 8 film scores including Freedomland, Rocketboy, Entity: Nine and The Truth About Faces. Scott Glasgow, signing CDs of his scores to Bone Dry, Hack and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, will be joined by two of his indie feature filmmakers at the event. Also attending are Jeff Toyne signing CDs of his score to Shadow of Trees, George Shaw signing CDs of his score to J\'OK\'EL and compilation CD The Loch Ness Monster & Other Short Films, Stuart Phillips signing CDs of his scores to \"Battlestar Galactica\" and \"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,\" and Charles Bernstein signing CDs of his scores to Nightmare on Elm Street, Shattered and Refusenik.

Filmmakers in attendance include Brett Hart signing DVDs of Bone Dry and Tommy Yune signing the books The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles & Speed Racer and Racer X: The Origins Collection. Screenwriter Carl Gottlieb will also be at the event signing The Jaws Log, 30th Anniversary Ed. as well as other items.

Composer Charles Bernstein will sign his book, Movie Music. And composer Stuart Phillips will sign his book, Stu Who?

Of special interest to film music fans, promo CDs of previously un-released music will be available at this event as a bonus with purchase of the composer\'s score CD(s).

Dark Delicacies is located at 4213 W. Burbank in Burbank, CA 91505. For more information, contact Del Howison or Sue Howison phone 818-556-6660, email or visit the website,