Frankenstein Film Music Collection   GDI 011 (UK) 24.99
  -Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (27:22)/Frankenstein And
   The Monster From Hell (32:20)/Curse Of Frankenstein (3:42)/
   Frankenstein Created Woman (2:18)/Horror Of Frankenstein
   (1:40 - Malcolm Williamson)/Evil Of Frankenstein (1:26 - Don
   Banks)/Revenge Of Frankenstein (1:55 - Leonard Salzedo)-
Lengthy suites from "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed" and "Frankenstein
And The Monster From Hell," both dramatic and dissonant scores by James
Bernard.  Original mono soundtracks with excellent sound.

The King's Guard   Citadel 77129  14.99
Symphonic-styled with synthesizers filling in for many of the
instruments.  Full of humor, color and action.  70 minutes of lively
though generic music.

Xena: Lyre, Lyre Hearts On Fire   Varese 66145  15.99
If you're a fan of the show this might be your cup of tea.  Everyone
else note: these are mostly vocals to a rock musical episode, including
renditions of "We Can Work It Out" and "War" performed by the Xena
cast.  There are a few scattered Joseph LoDuca instrumentals but the
album is mostly songs.

Il Dio Sotto La Pelle   ET 931 (Italy) 19.99
Jazzy, up-tempo tracks mingle with softer melodic moments.  Overall
tuneful music for a 1972 production a.k.a. "God Under My Skin."

Mission Impossible 2   Hollywood 162277 (Score) 16.99
45-minute score album includes several Latin-flavored tracks featuring
guitar.  Hard driving action music often features chorus against
synthesizers.  Percussive "Mano E Mano" track a highlight.