For Immediate Release – 9.09.08

Celldweller – Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol 01

Detroit, MI – Klayton of Celldweller will be releasing a separate body of material this Fall aptly entitled Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol 01 (SVH). The album is a collection of tracks written over the past 2 years as Klayton has simultaneously been writing material for the upcoming Celldweller sophomore album.

SVH, which is primarily instrumental and score based, shows a progression of Klayton’s vision for Film/TV/Video Game/Movie Trailer music scoring and licensing. The release has been produced, written, recorded and mixed by Klayton, with the guest orchestration talent of composer Tom Salta (Atlas Plug) on the track “Ursa Minor.”

The album will also include a few bonus versions of “Birthright” from the upcoming Celldweller sophomore release, including the \"Instrumental Trailer Mix\" which features the orchestration and choir of film composer James Dooley. The \"Birthright (Instrumental Trailer Mix)\" is the version that was recently featured in the \"Speed Racer\" trailer and \"Iron Man\" TV spots. Klayton will also release the original demo of the song formerly known as \"Baseline,\" which was licensed for the \"Spider-man 3\" and \"The Last Legion\" TV spots. The full progression of the song will be heard when the final version is released on the next Celldweller full-length album.

With Klayton’s signature writing and production style, coupled with his wide variety of instruments and sounds, the Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head series is ready to leave a trail of melodies and progressions in every listener’s head, long after the music has stopped.

You can check out the first track \"Through the Gates\" now at along with a Video Blog of Klayton in the studio mixing the track and explaining more about the full project.

Announced Tracklist:


“Aurora Borealis”


“Narrow Escape”

“Pursuit of the Hunted”




“Through The Gates”

“Ursa Minor”

Bonus Tracks:

“Birthright” (beta 1.0)

\"Birthright” (Instrumental Trailer Mix)

\"Birthright” (Original \"Baseline\" Demo)

“Birthright” (Birthwrong Mix by Blue Stahli)


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