III. NEW RELEASES_____________________________

Capsule Summaries by Doug Fake.

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The Tao Of Steve   Milan 35912  15.99
(36:39)  Upbeat score for guitar and keyboards buried beneath a
collection of songs, tv themes and nostalgia.  Only 3 tracks by Joe

The Dirty Dozen / Dirty Dingus Magee   CHA 0132  14.99
"Dirty Dozen" (30:12) Same as original MGM lp.  Strong orchestral score,

complete with Trini Lopez vocal.  Humorous training music, powerful,
exciting war music.  One of the great main titles.  "Dirty Dingus Magee"

(24:19) Same as original MGM lp.  Entertaining orchestral score,
sometimes rowdy, sometimes pretty.

Hollow Man   Varese 66171  15.99
Moody main theme blends with more energetic music.  Focus is suspense
and mood.  Action music somewhat restrained.  Strong recording but
minimal packaging.

The Last Run / Wild Rovers   CHA 0135   14.99
"The Last Run" (29:50) Same as original MGM lp.  European-flavored
score.  Kinetic, stylish action music.  Spanish Coast music a highlight
of this short but great ride.  "Wild Rovers" (33:44) Same as original
MGM lp and Memoir CD.  One of Goldsmith's strongest western scores.
Rousing, tuneful, Coplandesque.  Note: This issue does NOT include extra

track from MCA lp reissue.

Logan's Run / Coma   CHA 0136  14.99
"Logan's Run" (36:49) Same as original MGM lp and Bay Cities CD.
Incredible score blends electronic "inside-the-dome" music with
powerhouse "outside-the-dome" stuff.  The Monument music amongst
Goldsmith's very best work.  "Coma" (41:14) Same content as original MGM

lp and Bay Cities CD.  Striking, intense score for strings, woodwinds
and percussion.  Chilling and effective.

Guns For San Sebastian / Dark Of The Sun     CHA 0134   14.99
"Guns for San Sebastian" (33:19) Same as original MGM lp.  One of
Morricone's very best albums.  Rich main theme for orchestra and chorus,

exciting western action music.  "Dark of the Sun" (29:19) Same as MGM lp

- but in mono unfortunately.  Pulsating, percussive jazz score.

What Lies Beneath  Varese 66172  15.99
(29:56)  Okay orchestral score.  Atmospheric, suspenseful music moves to

harsher, Herrmannesque action music.  Brief running time, minimal
packaging are liabilities, great recording an asset.

Space 3: Beyond The Final Frontier   Silva 1112   20.99
  (2 CD set) City Of Prague Philharmonic
  -Ghostbusters/It Came From Outer Space/Galaxy Quest/
   Silent Running/The Cape (John Debney)/Robocop (Suite)/
   Meteor/The Matrix/Phantom Menace/Armageddon/etc-
Lengthy compilation of stuff mostly available in longer, superior
versions.  Highlights: 8-minute suite from "Strange Invaders" by John
Addison, 6-minute suite from "Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun" by
Barry Gray.  Other titles include Alien, Ghostbusters, Judge Dredd,
Robocop, Back ToThe Future, Matrix, Meteor, The Phantom Menace.