From the composer of Jake West’s cult debut Razor Blade Smile, the martial arts smash hit Ong-bak and the hit BBC3 TV series Being Human, comes an intense contemporary orchestral action score.

The Mutant Chronicles tells the story of the last mission of the only surviving humans on earth, a hopeless task which ends in bloody failure against an army of Mutants. The visual backdrop of muddy trenches and huge WW1 style weaponry is aided by the Richard Wells’ music. Reflecting the ever increasing futility of the mission, the score starts with a haunting melody in the trenches before the mission begins and then becomes ever more discordant as the survivors die one by one until the final violent act, accompanied by a dreadful dissonant cacophony.

Richard began his professional music career as a programmer, keyboard player and engineer, and his credits include work on tracks by Dominic King (My Simple Heart), Jon Moss (Culture Club), Talk Talk and Clan of Xymox.

Richard\'s break into films came in 1998 and in 2002 he started writing music for film trailers, including The Grudge, Seven Swords and Infernal Affairs.

After scoring the teaser for Simon Hunter, Richard was asked to write a full orchestral score for the major feature film Mutant Chronicles. More recently, Richard scored the hit TV series Being Human and the Jake West comedy/horror film Doghouse.


1. Take Off (4.05)

2. The Night Before (1.36)

3. Mutant Attack (4.28)

4. The Corporate Council (1.38)

5. Give Me Twenty Men (2.25)

6. Mitch and Adelaide (2.29)

7. The Sewer (3.09)

8. The City Burns (0.57)

9. The Killing Fields (2.57)

10. McGuire (0.58)

11. The Lost City (1.42)

12. How Much Do You Weigh? (1.37)

13. Bonecrusher (4.33)

14. Steiner Rescued (1.57)

15. Monastery (2.22)

16. Lift Shaft (3.35)

17. Tunnel Of Bones (3.50)

18. Leap Of Faith (2.36)

19. Mutant Chronicles End Credits (7.37)


REL. DATE: 5th May 2009