III. NEW RELEASES_____________________________

Capsule Summaries by Doug Fake.

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Music For Films By Charles & Ray Eames
   AMB 2001  19.99
  -Toccata for Toy Trains (13:31)/Six Pieces for Polavision
    (15:30)/House: After Five Years Of Living (11:17)/
    Westinghouse In Alphabetical Order (12:16)-
Four documentary scores highlight new label by Bernstein.  Each
showcases energetic, youthful approach to Americana music.  All are
original soundtrack recordings.  Scored for chamber orchestra, they are
by turns: tuneful, robust, florid, melancholy and spirited.  An absolute


7 Winchester Per Un Massacro   CDST 329 (Italy) 20.99
  -Also: Killer Adios (Claudio Tallino)-
(72:20)  Two strong Italian western scores.  "Killer Adios" is a
melodic, sometimes Spanish-flavored score.  Frequent solos for
harmonica, trumpet, guitar.  Very rich main theme.  "7 Winchester Per Un

Massacro" is one of De Masi's finest scores.  Dramatic, expressive, with

a lot of warm harmonica.  Has 3 minutes of previously unreleased music.
Solos for trumpet with orchestra are highlights.

Kimberly   Varese 66080   15.99
(32:03)  Melodic, upbeat orchestral score for comedy/drama.  Zesty main
theme, exciting boat race music.  Pretty strong album.

Cecil B. Demented   RCA 63722 (2 score cuts) 15.99
(31:05)  5 minutes of rhythmic/electronic score plus noisy vocals.
Pretty slim pickings here.  Sorry, Basil.

Creature From The Black Lagoon (and other jungle pictures)
   MMM 1952   16.99
   (Cond Masatoshi Mitsumoto) -Creature From The Black
   Lagoon (35:34 Stein, Mancini, Salter, etc)/The Alligator
   People (16:16 Irving Gertz)/The MGM Tarzan Films
   (5:07 Stothart, Snell, Amfitheatrof, etc)-
(Total Time 64:28)  Masatoshi Mitsumoto conducts Radio Symphony
Orchestra of Slovakia.  5-minute suite from early MGM Tarzan movies
(Herbert Stothart, Daniel Amfitheatrof, etc) illuminates familiar Tarzan

cues.  35-minute suite from Creature examines in detail music by Henry
Mancini, Hans Salter and Herman Stein.  Mancini stuff a highlight.
16-minute suite from Alligator People is harsher, tense.  Well-recorded
album, with long, long, long liner notes.

A Guide For The Married Man   FSM   24.99
(73:23)  Ever wondered where music for C-3PO, sillier parts of 1941,
Indy's "Basket Game" and similar stuff came from?  Wonder no more.
Splendid world premier spotlights up-and-coming "kid" Johnny Williams in

1967.  Full orchestra, wacky chorus, wild guitars.  Terrific fun.

FILM SCORE MONTHLY Vol 5 #5 (June 00)  4.95
  -10th Anniversary Issue/Goldsmith buyer's guide(1955-1966)/
    James Newton Howard (Dinosaur)/Jeff Bond on Jaws/etc-

IV. LAST WEEK'S RELEASES______________________________

I Know What You Did Last Summer    JDCD 007 (Promo) 24.99
21 tracks (50:40)  Limited re-issue of John Debney's exciting big
orchestral horror score is back in stock.  Newly packaged, remastered,
with the same musical content as the original release.

Autumn In New York   Hollywood 62280  16.99
(58:40)  Mostly score, a few songs, lots of melodious light orchestral
music.  A pleasant, romantic soundtrack.