Available on BSX Records / DVD / Netflix / iTunes / on Demand July 19th

(Los Angeles, CA) - The ventriloquist life is highlighted in Dumbstruck, a documentary featuring original music by award-winning composer Daniel Licht. The score encompasses many genres, from piano tunes to a whirling Tarantella. In Dumbstruck, the music acts as a through-line that complements the five separate storylines. Dumbstruck is available on DVD and CD July 19 through BSX Records, Netflix, iTunes and on Demand.

Directed by Mark Goffman, Dumbstruck takes place at the annual Vent Haven Convention in Kentucky, the ventriloquism capital of the world. Goffman explores the careers of five colorful ventriloquists. Although they each could be straight out of a Christopher Guest mockumentary, each of their stories is real.

Daniel Licht has built a reputation for incorporating unusual sound and obscure instruments into his compositions including a human bone rasp for the Showtime series Dexter. Licht's techniques can be described as "eerie" for his music in Dexter to "heartfelt" in his orchestrations for American Family. Other credits include Children of the Corn 2 and Stephen King's Thinner.

The eclectic TV and film composer is beginning his sixth season of Dexter and his second season of ABC's Body of Proof. Recently, Licht began composing in another visual media —- videogames; an original score by Licht will be featured in Silent Hill: Downpour. Licht's unique style and emotive compositions earned him numerous accolades. This year, he has already received two BMI Film & TV music awards for Dexter and Body of Proof.