III. NEW RELEASES_____________________________

Capsule Summaries by Doug Fake.

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Il Cielo Cade   CAM 498374 (Italy) 14.99
(43:00)  Melodic, often somber orchestral score.  Numerous cello solos.
Album is augmented with 3 classical works.

The Best Years Of Our Lives   LXCD 14   16.99
(46:11)  Newly remixed, remastered reissue of 1970's re-recording by
Frank Collura and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  Friedhofer's
Oscar-winner remains the finest "Americana film score" to date.  Music
for Homer and Wilma amongst the most sensitive ever composed.  Citation
and bomber graveyard music amongst the most powerful.  Here's one that
should be in any music library.  Superior sound to first CD issue.

Pan Tadeusz   POM 99949 (Poland) 15.99
(48:40)  1998 costume picture from Andrzej Wajda gets rich, dynamic
score from Kilar on a grand scale.  Very melodic.  "Swiatynia Dumania"
for strings a highlight.

Rose And The Jackal / Yes Giorgio (Promo) 24.99
(61:26)  Rose And The Jackal (28 minutes), is a dramatic, sometimes
wistful, ultimately pretty orchestral score from 1990. Yes, Giorgio (33
minutes), a 1982 Franklin Shaffner romance about opera superstar
(Pavarotti), gets themes by John Williams, and underscore by Michael J.
Lewis, who completed the project after Williams departed.  Sweeping,
extremely melodic score.  Music by Williams clearly indicated in track

Lover's Prayer   Varese 66173   15.99
(43:48)  Performed by the London Chamber Orchestra.  Warm, melodic score

for orchestra.  Often gentle music, tinged with melancholy.

Switchback   Intrada Special Collection Vol. 1   19.99
(54:41)  Action thriller with Dennis Quaid and Danny Glover clashing on
a speeding train gets energetic, propulsive symphonic score from
Poledouris.  10-minute final confrontation music a highlight.  First in
a new series of Limited Editions exclusively through Intrada.

Time After Time   SCCD/Didgeradoo 1014    16.99
(39:00)  Reissue of Rozsa's imaginitve, exciting symphonic score.
Fanciful story about H.G. Wells meeting Jack The Ripper, set in
contemporary San Francisco!  Great melodies, suspense, excitement make
for a wild ride.  Just like the movie.  Chase through the Embarcadero a
musical gem.