Lakeshore Records will release the Answers To Nothing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, available digitally on December 20th and in stores in January 31, 2012. The soundtrack features original music by Craig Richey (Lovely & Amazing, Wonderful World), songs by Imagine Dragons, Brian Vander Ark, Jump Jump Dance Dance and new recordings of four Nico Vega songs. Nico Vega's singer, Aja Volkman, also appears in the film.

A native of North Carolina, Craig Richey graduated from the Juilliard School of Music. His first score, When It's Over, won critical praise. Richey's credits also include Lovely & Amazing, Friends With Money, The Gymnast, The King of Kong, Gardens of the Night, Wonderful World, The September Issue, A Marine Story, and Greenlit.

Craig is a Sundance Composer's Lab Fellow, invited to participate in the 2006 Sundance Institute, and has appeared on BMI's Composers Round Table at the Sundance Film Festival on several occasions. His score to Greenlit, a documentary about 'greening' a Hollywood film production, features instruments that he fashioned out of garbage and recycled materials found at home. Also a singer-songwriter, Richey's songs have appeared both in the films and on the soundtracks for Lovely & Amazing, Friends With Money, The King of Kong, Greenlit, and Wonderful World.

"Answers To Nothing was one of the best scripts I have ever read," said Richey, "so beautifully written and immediately rich and visual and filmic while still on the page. I heard music instantly."

Intertwining stories exploring the bad in the best of us and the good in the worst of us in Answers to Nothing. Against the backdrop of a child abduction case we follow five days in the life of the single parent detective assigned to the case, her best friend whose determination to get pregnant keeps her from confronting her husband's infidelity, a school teacher and his obsession with the missing child that pushes him to the edge of vigilantism, a beat cop grieving over the violent death of his wife, a recovering addict and her wheel chair bound brother preparing for the LA marathon, and a self-loathing African American TV writer's search for love.

"Because of the intricately interwoven characters, all of whom connect in unexpected and refreshingly un-manipulated ways, I felt that the music needed to 'hover' above them all, to be an additional element that binds them all together. I am proud of the music it inspired and honored to be a part of this film," Richey added.

Ambush Entertainment presents Answers To Nothing in theaters December 2, 2011. Answers To Nothing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Lakeshore Records will be released digitally on December 20th and in stores on January 31, 2012.