Lakeshore Records will release Natural Selection Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 24, 2012. The soundtrack features original music by iZLER and Curt Schneider. The film earned several awards at the 2011 SXSW festival including the jury and audience awards for Best Narrative Feature.

"I remember watching Natural Selection and immediately thinking 'I have to meet the guy who made this.' It was so good," said iZLER. Both he and director Robbie Pickering were on the same page from the start. "At that point I knew I had to score his movie because we completely understood each other. It turned out to be one of the most fun colaborations I've ever experienced on a film. Bringing in Curt was the total icing on the cake, he rounded off our little disfunctional trifecta perfectly."

"Our approach was to be very organic and be tender and broken...and to avoid any moves in the score that you've come to expect," explained Curt Schneider. "It was intended to be honest and down to earth, not grand. I always prefer that approach in other films I see and we were fortunate to have been encouraged to go that route by Robbie who has impeccable taste and musical knowledge." That approach was rewarded at SXSW when the film earned the Best Score/Music award.

iZLER is a Czech born, English raised composer and multi-instrumentalist. iZLER is currently scoring the hit ABC series Revenge and also is composer for Showtime's Shameless. iZLER started his career as a touring musician and has toured, recorded and written with a diverse group of artists and producers that include Robbie Williams, Ryan Adams, Dave Stewart, Imogen Heap, Jesse Malin, Kim Caldwell, Kylie Minogue, Tim Jones, Brian May, Holly Johnson, and others.

Selected in 2008 to be one of six up-and-coming composers invited to the Sundance Film Composer's Lab in Utah, iZLER'S ongoing relationship with the Sundance community includes scoring the Sundance backed documentary Whatever It Takes and Jonathan van Tulleken's BAFTA nominated thriller Off Season. A collection of his works was performed live at the opening night of the 2010 festival. He is also the composer of the cult/film festival favorite Humboldt County. His work for both Natural Selection and 2010's The Hammer earned iZLER a nomination for Discovery of the Year by the World Soundtrack Awards.

Curt Schneider was born in Detroit and grew up in a house full of music spanning back several generations. He spent many days hanging out at the radio station where his Mother had a music show. At 15 his fascination wth the way records sound and what makes a song come alive inspired him to start producing bands in his basement with recording equipment his grandfather gave him. Five years later he was playing bass in Detroit's most respected R&B clubs. Curt eventually moved to Los Angeles to fully immerse himself in music, and has worked with an array of artists including Five for Fighting, Natasha Bedingfield, Anna Nalick, and Richie Sambora. He is the score mixer for ABC's Revenge and is the additional composer, engineer and score mixer for Showtime's Shameless.

Linda White (Rachel Harris), a barren Christian housewife, leads a sheltered existence in suburban Texas. Her world is turned upside-down when she discovers that her dying husband, Abe (John Diehl), has a 23-year old illegitimate son named Raymond (Matt O'Leary) living in Florida. Somewhere on the edge of guilt and loneliness, Linda grants Abe's final wish and sets off on a quixotic journey to find Raymond and bring him back before her husband passes away. Along the way, Linda's wonderfully bizarre relationship with Raymond will teach her more about herself than she ever imagined possible and force her to come to terms with her troubled past.