The album features an original score by Gast Waltzing (House of Boys, Les Dents de la Nuit) with additional music by Christian Henson (Devil's Double, Chasing Liberty). Hysteria is a Sony Pictures Classics release.

Born in the Grand Duche of Luxembourg, composer Gast Waltzing was named Professor of Trumpet at the Conservatoire of Luxembourg in 1982, and in 1986 founded the Jazz Department of which he remains the head. He began composing at 15 with the Luxembourg Jazz Five. He expanded into the composition and production of music for film and television in 1989, with the original score for A Wop Bop a Lop Bop for which he was nominated for Best European Film Composer. Since that time he has composed and produced over 160 original scores for film and TV including JVCD, Les Dents de la Nuit, Humains and House of Boys.

Since his debut with Les Fils Du Vent and Chasing Liberty (which earned him a "Discovery Of The Year" nomination at the World Soundtrack Awards), Christian Henson has used his broad experience both in orchestral and electronic disciplines to write an eclectic mixture of scores, including the children's blockbuster fantasy, The Secret Of Moonacre and Chris Smith's cult horror hit Severance (which earned him an Ivor Novello nomination for Best Original Movie Score in 2007).

Christian first became immersed in the world of film composition early in his career through his highly acclaimed work within the UK drum & bass, breakbeat and pop scene; working with the likes of LTJ Bukem, The Freestylers, Scott Walker & Roy Ayers. Recent highlights of Henson's career include, the Devil's Double, Triangle, Black Death, (Best Original Score winner at Screamfest LA), and the French blockbuster La Rafle.

"I think it is important that 'period' music is just that, a genre unto itself not 'music of the period' so approached the additional music with this understanding," said composer Christian Henson. "A nod and wink to the time period to help with the back-drop of the piece, but then, when needed, a use of a modern vernacular in order to help the audience connect with the very colourful characters found within."