Pepe Carvalho   RTCD 110 (Italy) 17.99
(46:01)  Limited Promotional Release from Italy.  Fictional TV episodes
directed by Franco Giraldi get tuneful, sometimes melancholy, sometimes
suspenseful orchestral music.  Effective blend of moody flavor and
rhythmic, exotic dance-like material.

Texas, Addio   CDST 324 (Italy) 20.99
Capsule review coming soon.

Far From The Madding Crowd   CHA 1005   14.99
(36:37)  John Schlesinger's superb filming of Thomas Hardy's
novel received one of the finest scores of 1967.  Haunting main theme
for flute, oboe and strings.  Rich music evokes English landscape,
intimate music evokes sadness.  Score won Oscar nomination, put Bennett
on the map.  Same as original MGM
record album.

Two Family House   RCA 63733  16.99
(40:52)  New movie about post-war factory worker yearning to be the next
Sinatra or Como.  Music figures heavily, great period flavor is
recreated.  8 tracks of Endelman score add wistful, gentle orchestration
to the mood.  His small ensemble features clarinet, cello, tuba,
mandolin and accordion.

Grand Prix / Ryan's Daughter   CHA 1001   14.99
(67:13)  Grand Prix (30:50) is rousing, melodic score for 1966 John
Frankenheimer car racing movie with James Garner.  International flavor,
great march theme.  Same as popular MGM record album.  Ryan's Daughter
(36:22) is haunting, moody music for David Lean's 1970 epic.  Gentle
main theme inspired later Passage To India music.  Same as original MGM

Westworld   CHA 1003   14.99
(32:45)  Neat and inventive score for 1973 sci-fi movie about theme park
run where "nothing can go wrong".  Western flavor captured with acoustic
"hoedown" music, sci-fi suspense handled with then-new use of
electronics.  Karlin features an array of
sounds including banjo, tin whistle, trumpet, piano and echoplex.
Winning, flavorful score heads down Morricone path one minute, goes
sideways the next.  Pretty inventive soundtrack.

Nurse Betty   Varese 66184   15.99
(47:15 / Kent = 28:11)  New Renee Zellweger/Morgan Freeman
movie gets orchestral score with an emphasis on strings, woodwinds.
Pleasant melodies mingle with generally upbeat, mild comic/suspense
music.  Gorgeous main theme.

Fearless Vampire Killers / Rosemary's Baby (complete mono)
                        Polonia 160 (Poland) 24.99
Limited copies back in stock.

Requiem For A Dream   Nonesuch 79611  16.99
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Canone Inverso (Making Love)  Virgin 49842 (Italy) 24.99
                       -This CD is temporarily sold out-
(50:12)  Beautiful music, emphasis on the violin.  Morricone in a
tender, pretty mood.  Director Ricky Tognazzi features violinists in his
movie, Morricone gives them stuff to do.  A sumptuous feast.

Il Poliziotto Della Brigata Criminale
Dagored 116 (Italy) 15.99
Capsule review coming soon.

Brother Sun Sister Moon   BMG 751942 (Italy) 19.99
(37:53)  Youthful Franco Zeffirelli movie about Francis Of Asissi has
rich, incredibly beautiful music.  Period flavor captured with exquisite
orchestral music emphasizing French horn, strings, woodwinds and
chorus.  Ortolani's most haunting work, one of the best scores of 1973.
This is the original Italian soundtrack version with orchestra, chorus
and Italian singer Claudio Baglioni.Interestingly, Donovan's songs
(still never released) for American version are what moviegoers
recalled.  The CD (thankfully)
includes just the Ortolani music.

Brewster McCloud   CHA 1004   14.99
(31:50)  Score composed and conducted by Gene Page, original songs by
John Phillips (from The Mamas & The Papas).  Robert Altman's 1970
fantasy about a boy that dreams of flying on homemade wings has vocals
by Phillips, Merry Clayton, 3 score tracks by Page plus assorted
material.  Page's score is lively, urban 70's orchestral jazz.

Esperanto   Aleph 019  15.99
(69:45)  Original suite recorded live in concert.  Stunning sound,
sizzling performance by WDR Big Band and numerous soloists. Six long
movements of colorful, exciting jazz composed and conducted by Schifrin.

The Yards   Sony 89442    16.99
(39:47) Shore conducts London Philharmonic Orchestra in new movie with
Mark Wahlberg and all-star cast.  The score maintains a brooding,
subdued tone but flows with melody and ideas.  Dramatic and compelling.

British Film Music Volume 1   Pearl 0100    16.99
                       -Scott Of The Antartic/Red Shoes/Oliver Twist/
                        Nicholas Nickleby/Men Of Two Worlds/etc-
Capsule review coming soon.

Penelope / Don't Make Waves (Vic Mizzy)
CHA 1002  14.99
(61:21)  Penelope (33:03) is upbeat, jazz-flavored orchestral music for
bouncy 1966 heist comedy with Natalie Wood. Numerous hints of the
composer to come.  Don't Make Waves (28:18) is fresh, humorous
orchestral music with a beat for 1967
beach comedy set in Southern California.

 Judas Kiss: Film Music Of Christopher Young
Citadel 77130   14.99
 -Also: Species (5:29)/Copycat/Getting Even/Hellraiser-
(67:49)  Kidnap/thriller with twists has quirky, sometimes jazzy,
sometimes suspenseful score (41:45) featuring strings, muted trumpet,
sax, organ and percussion.  Highlight is a passionate, fiery
full-blooded mambo for large orchestra.  Smokey and smoldering
music.  Filling out the disc are concert suites from Species (5:29),
Hellraiser/Hellbound (11:55), Getting Even (3:17) and Copycat (5:06)
played by the Butler Symphony Orchestra conducted by Stanley DeRusha.