Walkabout   Silva 339 (UK - Cond Nic Raine) 15.99
(65:44)  World premier of lyrical 1971 score (26:50) for classic Nicolas

Roeg allegory of two abandoned children in Australian outback.  Barry's
music is reflective, incredibly sensitive work for orchestra and
chorus.  Superbly recorded.  Also has: Seance on a Wet Afternoon (6:03),

They Might Be Giants (4:51), The Chase (5:17), The Betsy (5:19), The
Corn Is Green (5:18) and Alice's Adventures (4:25).

Summer Music   Koch 7505 (Cond Sedares)  16.99
(50:17)  Five concert works.  Flute unaccompanied: Sonatina &
Impromptu.  Flute & piano: Summer Music & Winter Music.  Flute plus New
Zealand Chamber Orchestra: Momento (18 minutes).  Earliest work dates
from 1954, the latest from 1983.  Momento is the highlight, blending
accessible harmonies in strings with limber melodies for flute.

Concerto For Guitar   Angel 56859  15.99
(47:56)  Wow!  Dynamic, exciting new concert work (21:58) in three
movements showcases guitar with London Symphony Orchestra under Elmer's
baton.  Rich melodies, virtuoso playing.  Trademark Bernstein-isms
abound.  Also has: Albeniz's La Vega & Jack Marshall's Essay for Guitar.

Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2  Milan 35926  16.99
(40:40)  Performed by Carter Burwell, gman and Splattercell.  Not so
much music as sound design.  Percussive bumps, thumps, clicks.
Occasionally an acoustic sound is struck, plucked or stroked.  Burwell
shows how far current movie music can go.  Maybe it works perfectly with

the visuals but...

Moliere   HMA 1951020   9.99
(51:01)  Period movie features Clemencic Consort.  Score has elegant,
authentic-sounding period flavor with original melodies and adaptations
of existing ones.

The Luzhin Defence   Silva 345 (UK) 15.99
(56:06)  Desplat conducts London Symphony in rich score centered around
gentle melody for strings and piano (right hand).  Drama about
chessplayers during the 1920's receives haunting, melancholy music.
Sometimes sad, sometimes nostalgic.  Add some tense, dramatic moments,
an exquisite waltz - get a terrific album.

Men Of Honor   Motown 159869  16.99
(39:41)  Navy drama with Robert De Niro & Cuba Gooding, Jr. has solemn,
sometimes exciting, sometimes stirring orchestral score.  30 minutes of
score plus 3 vocals.

Meet The Parents   Dreamworks 50286  16.99
(39:31)  Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller and Siamese cat receive large
orchestral score with chorus.  Energetic, sometimes comic, sometimes
straight-faced symphonic music in typical Randy Newman fashion.  25
minutes of score plus 6 vocals.

Dekalog   Silva 6029 (UK) 15.99
Re-issue of album on the POM label from Poland of German TV program
directed by Krysztof Kieslowski.