Independent record label 010101 Music is proud to present Paula Agnus Denise - Best of Amiga and CD32 Video Game Music. This exclusive compilation album consists of remastered tracks and new remixes of tracks, including five previously unreleased tracks, from Commodore Amiga and CD32 video games released during 1989-1994 such as Alien Breed, Apidya, Battle Squadron, Cannon Fodder, Pinball Dreams, Shadow of the Beast, Speedball 2 and Turrican II.

Featuring a mix of electronic music styles ranging from acoustic to hip-hop and rock to trance, Paula Agnus Denise is scheduled for a worldwide CD release on May 6, 2013, to retail outlets, and for digital download at Amazon MP3, iTunes and other digital music sites.

North American physical and digital distribution of the album is handled by Sumthing Distribution.

The 19-track album features nearly 80 minutes of music and the CD is packaged with a 12-page booklet.